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RELM_buttonBrownface: Paula Deen's Latest Racism Controversy; Sarah Palin Apparently Quitting The Sarah Palin Channel; Dinesh D'Souza Posts Fake Hillary Photo; Trump is a Whiny Diaper Baby; Ben Carson Blames Obama for the War on Women; Bernie Sanders News; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Badgerite

    Hilary Rodham Clinton is originally from Illinois (the Chicago area, I believe). Her husband, former President Bill Clinton ( aka the First Black President) is originally from Arkansas. De Douchebag.
    Is that a picture of De Douchebag or Howdy Dowdy? It is hard to tell. They are all big on some obscure passage in Leviticus but seem to think it is fine to ignore one of the Ten Commandments.

  • muselet

    Stephen Lemons, a long-ago restaurant critic for the OC Weekly, wrote in a review of an authentic Southern restaurant, “… [diabetes] is to Southern bodies what Sherman was to Atlanta …”

    Based on the behavior of Paula Deen and her son, I’d say the deep-fried salt cubes and buttered lard have a negative effect on the brain as well as the body.

    Reimburse? Bob, are you mad? Somewhere in the fine print of the subscription agreement, there’s a “no refunds, no cancellations” clause, guaranteed. That’s Grifting 101 stuff, along with the THIS WAY TO THE EGRESS sign.

    Sarah Palin is trying, in her own inimitable way, to demonstrate Zeno’s Paradox: if she quits each successive job after half the time as the previious job, will she ever reach zero time? Stay tuned, we may find out.

    Chez, La Palin’s Social Media Person has JanusNode running 24/7 to generate her tweets and Facebook posts—hell, the Social Media Person may share an copy of JanusNode with Palin’s speechwriter.

    Confessed felon Dinesh D’Souza (can we all agree to refer to him this way, please?) is, if I may be forgiven the Britishism, a pillock if he believes that photo is real, or a ratfcker if he doesn’t. Either way, of course, the people who don’t realize he’s an unethical piece of gou shi will continue to hail him as some sort of truth-teller. “You can’t cure stupid.”

    What Ben “The Human Sominex” Carson said was pure GOP boilerplate: Obama is a divider. More precisely, what he said can be translated as: Those pushy broads, uppity dusky people, mooching poors and potentially-terroristical people what pray wrong (I’m not entirely sure what “age wars” is supposed to mean, so I will pass it by) should be grateful we let them live in our country. They should sit down, shut up and count their blessings. And it’s the Kenyan Usurper’s fault that they don’t.

    Holy cow, Bob. Those are impressive numbers. Congratulations.

    Donald Trump went and stepped in it, and his ego won’t let him admit he did. I think, based on absolutely nothing, the companies which have cut ties with him won’t be in any hurry to resume business relations with him. They’re going to wait a good long time after the short-fingered vulgarian drops out of the presidential race, if only to make sure nothing else offensive falls out of his piehole. Whether The Donald has to file for business bankruptcy a fifth time because of this remains to be seen.

    Jon Stewart made merry sport of Donald Trump yesterday—no surprise—and tore everyone who tried to pretend Trump hadn’t said what he actually said a new one. Take a few minutes and watch in awe.

    Vermont has roughly the same population as Boston. What works for Vermont, as far as guns go, almost certainly is impractical for a country of 319 million. Bernie Sanders has the mindset of someone who represents roughly 625,000 people. (That’s a criticism, if anyone doubted.)

    There are any number of ways of measuring unemployment, all of which are valid at some level. To claim there’s a “real” unemployment rate is to admit one’s fundamental ignorance of unemployment statistics.

    If it were to come down to Bernie Sanders versus any of the Rs fighting for the wheel of the clown car, I’d vote for Sanders without hesitation. I’d spam him with requests to rethink some of his positions (guns, for example) if he ever got elected President, but I’d vote for him.


    • Victor the Crab

      Of course you and I and a lot of others would vote for Bernie Sanders if he were the Democratic nominee for president. The frightening thing is, would the average American who doesn’t know a shit load about politics vote for someone who’s an avowed socialist and who looks very much like a man who’s in his early seventies, if not older? Because I would be very nervous and on edge if Sanders were to go up against any of the Republicans in the clown car like Bush or Walker or even Trump.

      Unfortunately, Sanders supporters – like the ones that troll the Daily Banter – are adamant that he’s the perfect candidate for president and a lot of them would never think of voting for anyone else in 2016, Hillary included. They’re the same purity assholes that thought Ralph Nader would make a perfect president in 2000, and we know what happened as a result.

      • muselet

        Yeah, the Leftier-than-thou crowd is a bore.

        I do wonder how many of the Sanders Or Burn It Down brigade are actually R operatives doing some shit-stirring (the current crop of Rs has no demonstrated ability to govern a country, but can run bare-knuckles campaigns like nobody’s business). No doubt some, or even most, of them are really, genuinely that foolish, but the rhetoric is sometimes too OTT to be real.

        As far as “avowed socialist” goes, meh. The Rs have flung that word around so indiscriminately that it’s lost most of its power, except among the Righty True Believers. And Bernie Sanders is reasonably quick-witted, so he’d do okay against someone whose debating style would be to repeat talking points.

        I’m not sure Sanders would be a particularly effective President, but as I say, I’d rather take a chance on him than on any of the announced Rs.


  • aynwrong

    Don’t ask me why, but the sad racist music reminded me of this:https

    Maybe I’m weird.

    • muselet

      Yeah, you’re weird, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


      • aynwrong

        You’re my kinda peeps Muse.

  • leemoder

    A Blue Thunder ref to start us off! My day is superb!