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RELM_buttonFudge and Nuts: Fox and Friends Tell Gay People to Get Their Cakes from a Nonexistent Cake Shop; Fox News A-hole Keith Ablow on Gender Equality; Ted Nugent Weighs in on the Confederate Flag; Subway Guy Questioned About Child Porn; Diff'rent Strokes Kiddie Porn Episode; Crazy Jesse Ventura Takes Down Every GOP Candidate; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Badgerite

    So the WTC coming down was caused by thermite paint and the PLANES CRASHING INTO THE BUILDING LOADED WITH JET FUEL ( which we all saw or was that like the ‘fake’ moon landing) had nothing to do with it. Was the loss of life and the damage done to the Pentagon also caused by thermite paint? I’m just wondering.
    God. This man was governor of a state.
    The problem with claiming that one’s religious freedom involves the right not to bake them a wedding cake when you are in the business of baking wedding cakes is that that principle can and probably will be attempt to be extended to man other areas of business or community relations where such bigotry does not belong.
    I’ve always thought the Christian religion was about a whole lot more than being rotten to gay people.
    But maybe I was wrong about that. Some Christians seem to have elevated that to the central tenet of their religion. What I had always heard quoted from Christ is let you who are without sin cast the first stone.

  • David Rosenberg

    I love you guys and I haven’t listened to the whole episode yet, but you should use the google before declaring that Carvel no longer exists. Your west coast/Hawaiian bias is showing!!

    A minor point…but I happen to like Carvel!!

    • I did! But I got confused when I read the original store was shut down.

  • muselet

    The racist peckerwoods who didn’t want to serve blacks in their dining establishments and who didn’t want those people in their schools were motivated by their sincerely-held religious beliefs. Unless the idiots on Fox & Friends can provide a cogent explanation on how that’s different from a baker or a photographer (or a country clerk) refusing to serve a same-sex couple, I’m going to assume they’re perfectly okay with racial discrimintation as well. Wankers.

    Once again, Keith Ablow was born in Marblehead, and once again, make your own jokes.

    Ablow’s World. Worse amusement park in the known Universe.

    “I believe that we always have to look at substance over symbolism.” Ted Nugent wouldn’t know substance if it stole his breakfast. He should feel free to display the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia with pride, just as ordinary, decent people should feel free to treat Ted Nugent the way they’d treat something they scrape off the bottoms of their shoes.

    If Jared Fogle is guilty of possessing child porn, nail him upside down to a wall by his scrotum. Until then, let’s treat this as a non-story.

    Guys, you make me very happy I was too old to have any interest in Diff’rent Strokes. And, in case anyone was wondering, Gordon Jump had a long career after playing “Mr Horton,” including two episodes of Seinfeld and over a decade as the Maytag Repairman.

    Jesse Ventura is running for President? Why not? Plenty of room in the clown car.

    Ventura—for once, I’m not trying to be snarky—sounds like a recording of a drunk Keith Olbermann, played back at ¾ speed.

    The problem with Jesse Ventura sounding reasonable is that he is utterly barking mad, and that taints everything said by everyone else who sounds reasonable. Charlie Pierce has a firm Five Minute Rule for any public utterance by a member of the Paul clan (from time 0:00 to 4:59, they’ll sound perfectly reasonable, but at 5:00 they’ll inevitably say something insane); there should be a similar rule for Jesse Ventura.

    I didn’t realize Dan Bidondi was being a nuisance in Newtown.

    Get Bidondi on the show. Forget his mispronunciations, forget his accent, forget his verbal tics, forget all of it. Have him on the show. Have him on and be journalists. Don’t make fun of him, don’t ask him about Benjamin Netanyahu. Treat him with more respect than he deserves, but ask him—politely but firmly—about what he’s doing in Newtown, what he did in Boston, ask him what in the name of all that’s good and pure he thinks he’s doing.

    Make the shade of Edward R. Murrow proud.