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RELM_buttonI Ain't Got Time to Concede: Black Lives Matter vs Bernie Sanders; Will Trump Pick Jesse Ventura as His Running Mate?; Ben Carson Performed Research on Aborted Fetuses; Dan Bidondi Freaks Out Over Mandatory HPV Vaccines; Trump Goes to War Against Rand Paul; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • josephebacon


  • Badgerite

    For Chez.

  • Badgerite

  • HilaryB

    I would truly be afraid for any woman who got in a car with Dan Bidondi. I can picture him trying to do a quick road report on their way to a restaurant, arms flailing, and she holding on for dear life….

    Welcome back to the mainland, Bob!

  • muselet

    Welcome to California, Bob. Don’t waste our water.

    I agree with Ben Cohen (mostly). Black Lives Matter is important, but they are going out of their way to irritate the people who are their natural allies. Think a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters are going to push hard in support of Black Lives Matter after Seattle?

    Absolutely, Occupy Wall Street was a failure mostly because nobody associated with the group had the faintest idea what to do about Wall Street. They made themselves easy to dismiss because they had no goals, no agenda, no strategy, no ideas beyond sleeping in pup tents. They pissed away an opportunity to do good.

    The ultra-pure Left just loves it some Black Lives Matter, though. Here’s an example. Interestingly, there is some pushback (oh, how I loathe that term!) in comments, along with the expected Leftier-than-thou word salads (it’s Truthdig, after all).

    (Good lord, I can’t believe you’re making me defend Dan Bidondi’s pronunciation.) Guys, as I understand it, “haitch” used to be at least semi-standard English but fell into disuse; it’s never been generally common in recent American English, but it’s pretty much always been a feature of Irish English, is becoming increasingly common in Australian and British English, and for all I know may be common in parts of R’Disland. The first time you hear someone mention the “pee haitch” (pH) of something (Tino Carnevale on Gardening Australia says this), it’s jarring, but it’s just another variation of English, a language full of variations. Sorry, I’m a word nerd. Can’t help it.

    It turns out, Dan Bidondi is correct about something. According to the Rhode Island Department of Health:

    A 3-dose HPV immunization requirement is being phased in. For fall 2015, 1 dose will be required for 7th graders. For fall 2016, one dose will be required for 7th graders and 2 doses will be required for 8th graders. For fall 2017, 1 dose will be required for 7th graders, 2 doses will be required for 8th graders, and 3 doses will be required for 9th graders.

    After that, Bidondi goes flying off the rails. Anyone who blathers about “parental rights” when it comes to vaccinations automatically disqualifies him/herself from an adult discussion, but let’s pretend he’s not a frothing moron. There is reasonable accommodation—excessive accommodation, to my mind—in the state’s requirements for reasonable objections, both medical and religious. Bidondi clearly values children’s lives less highly than the delicate sensibilities of the crazier parents. Luckily, Rhode Island has other priorities.

    Vaccinations have been required for public school attendance for decades. Why anti-vaxxers—and opportunistic kooks like Bidondi—are suddenly bent out of shape about that now is something of a mystery.

    So you guys know, WPWC’s website still shows you guys airing on Saturdays from 5–6PM. Wikipedia says the station operates at 5,000 watts daytime and 500 watts nighttime, so yeah, driving right up to the stick would help reception.

    I’ll repeat myself from this morning: Ben Carson thinks doing research with tissues obtained from aborted fetuses is wrong, but doing research with tissues obtained from aborted fetuses is just peachy dandy. I don’t think he’s thought this through, but I wouldn’t expect better from him.

    “[The Clinton email scandal]’s a big deal among the political press and people who hate the Clintons.” Big overlap there, Bob.

    The Donald Trump/Rand Paul catfight makes me wish they could both lose.

    Well, Jesse Ventura proved microphones don’t work well in a Faraday cage (he’s seriously off-the-grid). Or maybe he just doesn’t know how to work a mic, one or the other.

    Who should be the short-fingered vulgarian’s running mate? Personally, I think his private brain care specialist would be a good choice (identify the reference, win a prize!).

    For what it’s worth, Bob, I think you got all the NSFW language this week.


    • Peter James

      >>>>”The ultra-pure Left just loves it some Black Lives Matter, though.”

      You mean the same “ultra-pure Left” that thinks Obama is too “corporatist/Republican_Lite/Bush II/Warmonger?

      That “ultra-pure Left”?

      The same one that thought he was dragging his legs too slow on repealing DADT, even as he was working behind the scenes to do it?

      You really think that that wing of the party has (or wants) anything in common with the most loyal demographic of Obama’s base?

      You have that backwards, bro.

      • muselet

        Maybe it’s the lateness of the hour, maybe it’s the *ahem* adult beverage, but I’m not sure what your point is, mate.

        What exactly do I have backwards?


        • Peter James

          I’m saying that those you term as the “ultra-pure Left” (or those who see themselves as such) have no great love or affinity for the BLM movement and vice versa.

          A lot of the former is composed of the white progressives steeped in white privilege who see no need to make racism and racist discrimination of blacks a major plank of Bernie’s (or any Democrat candidate’s) platform.

          Suggesting that the “ultra-pure Left loves it some Black Lives Matter” indicates that you don’t understand one or the other.

          • muselet

            Aha. Now I understand. And I don’t necessarily disagree.

            The reason I wrote what I did is because of the linked Truthdig piece. FDL at its worst was never as Leftier-than-thou as Truthdig, and TD published a piece with the title “Black Lives Matter Movement Offers Badly Needed Lessons on Electoral Politics” (yes, really). The comments are particularly amusing, with several people claiming anything but unwavering support for BLM is racist and right-wing.

            I overgeneralized from one little corner of the Left and gave the wrong impression.


    • JMAshby

      I’d say you have it backwards. The far left does not love BLM, it detests it. You should see the harassment black activists, black writers and podcasters are receiving on social media from diehard Bernie supporters. This is a mostly white liberal crowd who think Obama was just like Bush and believe Bernie is our only chance to avoid a third term of Obama with Hillary.

      Bernie’s supporters have done more harm to his candidacy than any protest. For many on his side, his campaign is an anti-Obama proxy campaign waged by people who see Hillary as a DINO.

      Personally I agree with most of what Bernie says and I do not actively oppose his positions or his candidacy, but I’m also well aware of who’s filling up basketball arenas for him.

      • muselet

        See my response to Peter James.

        Also, in my defense, I wasn’t really talking about fervent Bernie Sanders supporters.

        It’s my impression that Sanders’s supporters generally wouldn’t describe themselves as any flavor of Left, but would instead echo Howard Dean’s line about representing the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. It gives them a tingle of pleasure to do something so transgressive as supporting someone who calls himself a democratic socialist.

        They’re irked because Their Hero has been interrupted and not treated as the Second Coming of FDR (this time with less rich-guy privilege!), and their OTT reaction seems not to be racism as much as the fact that they’re clueless about others’ issues.


      • Scopedog
  • Victor the Crab

    Bob, Chez, you two should come up with some kind of audio sketch where Dan Bidondi and Jesse Ventura have their own show discussing their own personal conspiracy theories. With Bob doing Bidondi’s voice and Chez doing Ventura’s voice.

    Make it so!

    • muselet

      My brain hurts already.


  • Scopedog

    Great show–and Chez, thank you for stating the obvious: Bernie Sanders is not the enemy.

    Neither is Hillary Clinton. Neither is President Obama. Neither are the Democrats (well, the majority of ’em anyway).

    The real enemy is the GOP and their Presidential Klown Kar. That’s what I’ve been screaming to a good chunk of people on the Left who are too busy slamdancing on Obama and Hillary and being obnoxious Sanders supporters. If the GOP wins, it’s over. We do not have the time for the circular firing squad, and yet, and yet….some people still cannot get over the urge to aim and fire at the people who are actually on their side.

    I’m tired as fuck when it comes to the petulant attitude of some on the Left who would rather let the country get ass-raped by the GOP because they didn’t get their perfect, unicorn-giving politician who will snap their fingers and give you the world on a silver platter. But that politician does not exist, and never will.

    Whoever gets the Democratic nod, we need to not only support them 110%, we need to make sure that Congress shifts over to the Democratic side.

    That’s all I gotta say. Pardon the cussing.

    • Victor the Crab

      I’m tired as fuck when it comes to the petulant attitude of some on the Left who would rather let the country get ass-raped by the GOP because they didn’t get their perfect, unicorn-giving politician who will snap their fingers and give you the world on a silver platter.

      Plus, these simpletons would let the GOP ass-rape their constituents If they think it will help people come to their senses and vote their imaginary perfect unicorn-giving candidate from the Democratic party into office. Except, IT. DOES. NOT. WORK!!!!! Florida, Kansas, Wisconsin are prime examples of voters re-electing the ass-rapers and having them do it all over again.

      • Badgerite

        The Ghost of Nader’s Raiders lives.