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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 8/15/12

Special Wednesday Show; Romney Picks Paul Ryan; Superficial Republican Politics; Paul Ryan Isn't Reasonable or Moderate or Gen-X; The Big Steaming Pile of Deficit Hypocrisy; Paul Ryan's Extremist Anti-Choice Positions; The Huge Romney Medicare Lie; Soledad Versus Sununu; The Lie-Filled Medicare Ad; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • Victor_the_Crab

    I cannot add that which others here have said so brilliantly. So I will just say, great choice on the final song of your podcast, Bob. Sniff N The Tears’ classic Driver’s Seat is a great little ditty. I added that to my iPod years ago.

    Yes, I’m old. But, thankfuly, not in the Paul Ryan Gen X area of old.

  • if i wear jeans and a blue-collared shirt, people will think i am the average joe!

  • muselet

    When our glorious news media call Paul Ryan a bold choice for vice president, they mean that Paul Ryan is a Very Serious Person who’s willing to make the Tough Choices that others are not but which are necessary to ensure that the taxes of rich people go down. Of course someone has to suffer for past budgetary shenanigans but, hey, the folks who suffer should be the people who have the least and therefore had the least to do with those budgetary shenanigans.

    I really do wish our glorious news media would stop fellating sociopaths like Ryan.

    Eating M&Ms during a show. Very professional, Bob. :^)

    Righties aren’t claiming Barack Obama “cut” Medicare by $500 billion (or $700 billion or $715 billion or $716 billion or $717 billion), they’re claiming Obama “stole” $500 billion (or $700 billion or $715 billion or $716 billion or $717 billion) from Medicare. Big difference (still a lie, but a big difference). Personally, I hope John Sununu becomes the primary surrogate for the Romney campaign because (a) that would be hilarious; and (b) even our glorious news media would have to notice that the senile old coot has no clue what he’s talking about.

    Hospitals supported the ACA mostly because the more people who have insurance, the less of a financial hit hospitals take when an uninsured person rolls through the Emergency Department door. I’m surprised (well, not really) the hospitals aren’t screaming blue murder over the Rs’ promise to kill the ACA.

    That Romney ad is a complete lie, but it’s also the purest of dogwhistles. You, deserving white person, paid into Medicare and now blackety-black-black Barack Obama wants to give your money to other blackety-black-black people. Be afraid, be very afraid!

    “… [I]f journalists just start standing up …” Don’t make me laugh, Chez, my lips are chapped. (If this actually starts to happen, by the way, I will freely admit it and apologize in this very forum.)

    That is a truly creepy photo at the top of the page, by the way. (CAPTION CONTEST: Why are these men laughing?)

    Chez, happy to hear you get to spend some time with Inara. Have fun.


    • mrbrink

      I’m starting to see some truth to the rumor that president Obama really doesn’t like Mitt Romney. He’s shown a fair modicum of respect for just about every republican in government, Paul Ryan included, but Mitt Romney? not so much. He’s shown more respect to Joe The Plumber, or the idiots who keep standing up and interrupting to call him a liar, than Mitt Romney. What does that say about Mitt Romney? And what is there to like about Mitt Romney? What is his ‘saving grace’?

      He’s going to divide us to unite us?

      Mitt Romney said: “The president’s campaign is all about division and attack and hatred. “My campaign is about getting America back to work and creating greater unity in this country.”

      They have some fucking nerve whipping out such cards.

      Why is it WE have to be united with Republicans, who act recklessly, induce global panic, scandal, uncertainty, harbor unchecked racists and religious bigots and assorted fringe lunatics, and who produce nothing of value to the proper role of government and who are not only wrong on the issues at least 99% of the time, but intellectually violent in their ideological manifestations– and the majority of the people who do not want to cut taxes for the rich to fire teachers, burn up the planet or our natural resources like maniacs in a race against living things, privatize healthcare, education, and war, or criminalize abortion– why are WE the ones always expected to have the minority share?

      Again, for the lying whiners, I wrote last week that it was the liberals and Democrats who helped rally around Reagan and inflate his popularity and electoral legend in the same way they tried to rally around Bush. We’re the ones supplying all the nationalism and unity that props up the used car salesmen of the GOP. We are the reason there has ever been any semblance of nationalism because we give in to our better collective nature and the fuckers prey upon it and take advantage of it, and even use it against us. Mocking us with our own natural tendency toward brotherhood.

      Conservatives should be asking themselves why they keep fucking over half the country who only want to get along for the greater good?

    • gescove

      Agreed: The photo of those two yucking it up creeps me the hell out.

      Ryan: Can you effing believe that anyone takes those numbers I pulled from my ass seriously? One blowhard on a news show panel actually called me wonky! I mean, it’s killing me! Rmoney: I know, right? I’ve got losers pulling down less than $15K a year convinced I’m on their side! Cripes, how dense can you get?!

      • muselet

        RYAN: We call it “The Aristocrats”!