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RELM_buttonOne Wittle Wee Wee: Bad Lip Reading the GOP Debate; Josh Duggar Exposed in Ashley Madison Hack; Hackers are Still Hackers No Matter Who's Exposed; Bill O'Reilly and Sarah Palin React to Trump's Immigration Plan; The Mainstreaming of Slavery; Anchor Babies; Deez Nuts for President; Bionic Dan Bidondi's Bionic Italian Gynecologist; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • muselet

    Gosh, Josh Duggar is a disgusting little hypocrite as well as a kiddy-diddling pervert. The sooner we start ignoring the entire extended Duggar clan, the sooner they’ll all go away. I hope.

    That was also my opinion before the Ashley Madison hack.

    Now, the Ashley Madison site did do some terrible stuff, like not wiping customers’ data after they’d paid the fee to have their information scrubbed. Stlimy, bad business practice, inexcusable, and nobody’s business except the customers’. But that’s one of the excuses made for hacking the site and its parent company, even though it had been reported for several years.

    Chris Hayes is right:

    Forget Ashley Madison, for a moment, and replace it with: medical records. Your full income tax returns. Your inbox.

    That thought should send a chill down everyone’s spine.

    I wonder how much Bill O’Reilly’s viewership will be affected by his not enthusiastically endorsing Donald Trump’s idiot idea (not, of course, that the idea is original to Trump).

    I’d also pay a lot of money to know the names of three “very, very good lawyers” who don’t think Trump is suffering from rectocranial inversion.

    The only place I know of where (relatively) low-paid immigrants are devastating the middle class is in the tech industry, which would rather lobby for more H-1B visas than pay employees what they’re worth. I doubt Sarah Palin knows what an H-1B visa is.

    Chez, when I hear Sarah Palin speak, my brain doesn’t shut down, but I am reminded of a flock of green parrots. Except the parrots are pretty and make sense when they squawk.

    I was willing to cut George HW Bush a little slack when he talked about his grandchildren and called Jeb Bush’s children “the little brown ones.” It wasn’t the most appropriate thing GHW Bush ever said, but I figured it was something for Jebbie and Columba to correct him on if it bothered them.

    Jebbie calling the US-born children of immigrants “anchor babies” doesn’t fall into that same category. That’s a straight-up insult, and while Jebbie is only Bush-smart, he’s not nearly stupid enough to use it unknowingly. His performance in New Hampshire today (“Give me another word.”) proves he’s being deliberately provocative. The sad thing is that he thinks it will make The Base stop hating him (since most everyone else in the clown car is screaming the phrase at the top of their lungs, it will have no effect).

    Jan Mickelson is, if anything, more of an insufferable douchebag as Jesse Watters. I knew the Right hated the 14th Amendment, but figured nobody would take a run at the 13th. I was wrong.

    Chez, stop worrying about making counterarguments to idiocy. For the time being, just point and laugh, and mock mercilessly. It’s bad for one’s mental health to take people seriously who don’t deserve it.

    Bob, if you want to understand what animates the Right, just assume they hate everyone who doesn’t look, act or think like they do. As for the Sunday yak shows, they’ve long been infected with Broderism. Rs will always get a respectful hearing, even if they spend their 15-minute segments flinging their own poop. (And Joe Scarborough is a waste of skin.)

    Gods, the less I think about Dan Bidondi, the happier I am. (And again, Bob, “haitch” is more common than you might think.)

    The BLR debate video is genius, full stop. Whoever is responsible for those videos should get a MacArthur Fellowship.


  • josephebacon

    Hmmm, I wonder if Dan Bidondi ever saw “Chatterbox”?

  • Aynwrong

    ” Bionic Dan Bidondi’s Bionic Italian Gynecologist”

    Haven’t even begun listening, yet already laughing. Thank you.