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Bad Journalism: Bradley Manning Sentenced; FISA Court Oversight Revealed; Greenwald’s Husband Detained and Questioned; The Guardian Is Imploding; The Ridiculous Computer Smash-Up Caper; Botching a News Story That Happened In A Newsroom; The Thwarted Atlanta School Shooting; The Secret NRA Gun Registry; The President’s New Dog is Black; New Huff Post Comment Policy; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • bert9

    During the show you asked, “When you travel internationally do they ask you, or some sort of questionnaire, ‘When you go there, who are you staying with?'”

    The answer is yes.

  • Kennet

    Given the last 10 minutes of this cast, I call this cartoon “Bob feeds the Trolls.”

    • Love!

      • Kennet

        Why, when I post two times in a row, does it send one as guest. Disqus eats it.

        • muselet

          There’s a reason the service’s nickname is Dis Suqs.


    • Victor_the_Crab

      Can you do one that shows Bob whacking the trolls with a sledgehammer?

    • ranger11

      Those are some friendly-looking trolls.. Wish they could be tamed that easily.

  • Kennet

    Good point made (again) on the show. I don’t see a real threat in the left/right paradigm any more. The issue seems to me to be a war between rationalists and absurdists. Those who take in the world and those who project onto it.

  • Every time I hear about yet another failure of our once illustrious Fourth Estate I think, like Chez, ‘this country is so screwed’.

    • MrDHalen

      This is a real concern for me as well. As Chez said, with our national media dropping long standing journalistic rules an opting for tabloid like ratings, we are losing our national grip on the truth.

      The progressive ongoing failure of the Fourth Estate keeps me up some nights.

  • Bubble Genius

    Uh, thanks for all the bday fishes, guys! I was out celebrating and having my car secretly detailed behind my back, so I haven’t listened yet. Will remedy as soon as I get to the lab! I also realize I forgot to send Bob an ad – hey, with birthdays comes age. :-

    • Add my bday wishes to the list! Every day my son washes his hands with a little purple soap shaped like a Triceratops and smells wonderfully grapey. I think of you Bubble Genius geniuses every day! Speaking of, I’m overdue to order more stuff….

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Happy Belated Birthday, Paula!

    • Happy belated, Paula!

  • mrbrink

    Happy Birthday, Paula! It’s a ‘blue moon’ birthday, you know. “Bluuue mooooon, you saw me standing aloooooone… without a dream in my heeeeart, without a love of my owowowown…” Yeah! Nailed it! Perfect pitch! I hardly ever hit those notes, but yeah. Whoo! I did all the background vocals, too. A birthday serenade and I rocked it! Phew. You really do have to lose yourself in the music. It’s so true.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Happy birthday to the lovely and charming Paula. 😉
    Love your products, so does my wife!

  • muselet

    Happy birthday to Paula. If I’d known, I’d have baked a cake (well, not really because I don’t actually bake, but it’s the thought that counts, right?).

    Third time lucky, as they say. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: technology is wonderful until it’s not.

    In 2010, Finland declared access to 1Mbps internet connectivity a legal right, and by 2015 expected everyone to have a 100Mbps connection. I haven’t read anything about it lately, but in 2011 South Korea planned to connect every home in the country at 1Gbps. Ponder those facts the next time you struggle to get a stable connection at any speed.

    BBC News reported this morning that Wikileaks called Bradley Manning’s 35-year sentence a “significant strategic victory.” One wonders if Manning agrees with that assessment.

    But … but … but … that wasn’t really oversight because the public didn’t know about it in real time! Expect the purity trolls to call you an RWNJ again, Bob. (Oh dear oh dear, someone already did, and incoherently at that. Color me shocked.)

    Uh-oh. Someone made Glenn Greenwald angry.

    I do understand why Greenwald would be upset that his husband was detained by UK authorities, but Greenwald (and The Guardian) put his husband in that position. For Greenwald to get pissy about it—and to bleat about his defiance—is absurd.

    Back in the days when largish organizations relied on CRT terminals hung off HP1000s and the like, and the internet wasn’t even a distant dream, Alan Rusbridger’s story would have sounded almost plausible. Now, though, we are expected to believe the GCHQ’s goon squad (now there’s a Monty Python-worthy concept) doesn’t know about cloud storage or flash drives, and that The Guardian sat on the story for a month for no apparent reason. Sure, Alan, pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

    The sad thing is that The Guardian was (note the verb tense) a well-respected newspaper.

    Antoinette Tuff is a hero, full stop ([EXPLETIVE DELETED] you, NRA, a hero is not simply “a good guy with a gun”). It helped that Michael Brandon Hill wasn’t interested in shooting kids but was interested in committing Suicide By Cop, but what Ms Tuff did was amazing.

    Chez, I think you might be right about that kidnapping, but I can’t remember for sure.

    The NRA database story is hilarious, and we won’t hear crickets from the gun lickers for exactly the reason Chez mentions.

    The Daily Caller is a waste of bandwidth and Tucker Carlson is a waste of skin. And the less said about that Salon piece, the better.

    Letting the far-Left and the far-Right fight it out like Kilkenny cats is a terrific idea.

    The second Sideboob Central’s comments traffic drops, Arianna Huffington will announce a rethink of the new anonymity rules.


    • ranger11

      Being a fan of frontboob of long standing it serves them right.

    • “In 2010, Finland declared access to 1Mbps internet connectivity a legal right…”

      Our stoopid tubes are so slow…I pay Cox Communications (who BTW I think is Satan’s corporate presence on Earth) extra every damn month for 65Mps and it’s still slow and losing connection about every 15 minutes. Guess I’ll try CenturyLink since they’re the only other thing available. But hey, free market!

      • muselet

        On the one hand, the places with really fast internet connectivity tend to be small, which makes it easier to put the wire/fiber optic/unobtanium cable where it’s needed. It would cost a fortune to do so across a freaking continent.

        On the other hand, the US used to do big things, and very fast internet service is a very big thing that might change the US economy; it would certainly change the way people use the web (part of South Korea’s motivation for ultra–high-speed internet was to see how people used all that bandwidth).

        Just to make everyone feel even worse, as of that February 2011 NYT story, South Korea’s 1Gbps internet cost households less than $30/month.


        • Speaking of price, most of these same ISP’s have a monopoly on cable TV and phone services too. They basically own all methods of communication other than me doing it the old fashioned way, f2f. And they set up “packages”. So I could pay less for my Internet connection if I only got a landline too–a line I don’t need or want. I’ve been playing the two companies off one another for years….switching whenever they offer a newer, lower rate to start but switching takes time and effort–it’s a pain in the ass. Then the cherry on the sundae is they both provide the worst customer service it has ever been my misfortune to encounter.

          • muselet

            For what it’s worth, you have my sympathy.

            I get my internet by DSL, originally through AT&T (*gack*). AT&T seems to have prided itself on its horrific customer service. I once sat on hold for an hour, waiting for a representative from the Indian Subcontinent to come on the line and read from a script (“Sir, I need you to unplug your modem, wait thirty seconds, then plug it in again.” “I already power-cycled my modem. It didn’t change anything.” “Sir, I need you to unplug your modem, wait thirty seconds, then plug it in again.”), then decide it wasn’t AT&T’s problem and transfer me to Apple customer service.

            When AT&T cut and ran from my area, it handed its DSL customers off to a company called Covad (now Megapath). Megapath primarily serves business users, so when you call customer service there’s no endless hold, the techs know their stuff, and when my modem went tits-up a tech actually talked me through the setup of a new unit (the modem’s Setup Wizard generated a configuration that was incompatible with my WiFi router). The connection is stable and the speed is consistently a few percent faster than promised, too.

            I’m not bragging, just giving props (as the kidz say) to a company that deserves it.


          • Hmmmm, wondering if I can find enough cable to extend from my location to yours to split off your line! 😉

          • muselet

            If Verizon FIOS service is available in your area (if they haven’t pulled fiber optic cable in your neighborhood, it’s not), you might want to look into it. People who have it seem to be more than satisfied. The company wants to sell bundled services, but at least where I am the ads say you can get internet only.

            Also, the rumor mill a couple of years ago said Verizon wasn’t going to roll it out in new areas. Still, doesn’t hurt to ask around.


          • When those telemarketing and customer services first arrived in India, the workers thought it was great and wasn’t “real” work. In a short time, the workers were seeking psychological counseling— which was frowned upon in their culture— to help them deal with the stress. The turnover is huge.

            On a happy note, Brits are rated by these phone workers to be more rude than Americans.

  • Lex

    goota say bob cesspoll you do know in scandivna nations you would be viewed as far right, you are not even a centrist you are close to bill o reilley as rightwinger but you fake as a liberal which makes you far worse

    • muselet

      I’m sorry, I don’t speak Gibberish. Could you possibly translate that into English, please?

      Thanks terribly.


    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      My guess is that you have taken a break from kissing Glenn Greendrone’s feet.
      Suggest you go back because like most of his groupies, you don’t make any sense.
      Bye Bye.




      Stomach hurts. So clever.


      • ranger11

        The fans are really coming out of the woodwork lately. Or is it woodworm….wormwood?

    • Adding… It’s Cesspool. Not Cesspoll.

    • Lady Willpower

      When Babelfish goes bad.

    • villemar

      Wait, isn’t Sweden a dystopian fascist police state hellscape, and a puppet state/vassal of the United States? Isn’t that why Julian Assange is hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy for infinity to prevent him from falling into the cluches of those jackbooted Nordic gestapo thugs? I’m confused.

      • Lex

        You mean from the swedish goverment the same one that sanctioned and aided cia operatives to kidnap Ahmed Agiza and Muhammed Zery who were tortured for two years ? What the goverment of sweden did in the case of these two men, Other nations like Italy declined to aid usa to help capture people to be tortured and gave out arrest warrents on cia agents when they did as in the case of Sabrina De Sousa,

        • villemar

          Hot water burn baby?

      • Lex

        Sweden isint a dystopian hellhole but Sweden has a track record of serious human right abuses like forced sterilization of mentally challenged people, forced sterilization in sweden was continued until 2012