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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 8/25/11

Hurricane Irene; The East Coast Earthquake and Nuclear Power; Global Warming is Happening Now; The Latest from Fukushima; The Nexus of Rick Perry and George W. Bush; The Rick Perry Abstinence Tape; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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Bubble Genius

  • DevilInPgh

    Uh, no “Conterfeit Money Machine”?

  • watchdog_prime

    I just want to comment on the photo. Aside from the kid, the other two jokers in this pic look confused as hell by what they are reading.
    “well this dont match up with whut I wuz tol at all?”

  • KatInWilm

    I have a complaint.

    Buzz promises “harsh language, nudity, graphic violence, adult situations, and a healthy obsession with empirical reality.”


    • JackDaniel07

      You dont subscribe to the video podcast?? 😉

  • muselet

    I’ve lived in Southern California pretty much all my life, and I still don’t believe the stupid driving when it rains. Chez has it right; all it takes is two drops of rain and the streets and freeways come to a dead halt. We humans can deal with snow and rain just fine, Bob, we just can’t seem to drive in them.

    “God, he sounds like Bush!” True enough. They both have West Texas accents—though Bush’s vowels tend to be more patrician New England—and they have the same nervous laugh. Plus, they’re both nitwits.

    I still say Rick Perry will flame out before the end of the year.


    • LoewLife

      Visited my girlfriend in southern California last year during a “freak” rainy week. She made me drive her car because she couldn’t drive in the rain, and neither could anyone else on the road (I’m from the midwest).

      I don’t know how you guys live with that kind of incompetent traffic.

      And I hope you are right about Perry flaming out.

      • muselet

        In fairness to my fellow Southern Californians, our rainy season lasts roughly from November to April. By the time it starts to rain in late autumn, an impressive amount of oil, dirt, antifreeze, brake fluid and who knows what else has built up on the roads. It takes a couple of storms to wash it all off the asphalt. However, there’s no reason to white-knuckle along at fifteen under the limit in February.

        I don’t know how you guys live with that kind of incompetent traffic.

        With gritted teeth. And KCRW on the radio.


  • holyreality

    So why burn gasoline to cut the grass?

    I thought the repubs would insist on using gas, and likely an illegal gardener to do what nature does.

    FWIW, goats are proving useful in weed eradication in the west where we lose thousands of acres per year to invasive weeds.

    • TimEldred

      Using animals as an energy-saving resource makes a lot of sense. Doing it instead of adequately funding schools is self-defeat.

      • No. Using animals as an energy-saving resource to do a job that humans can’t do makes sense.

        Using animals to do a job that humans can do is simply adding to our problems.

        And, they still make push mowers if you’re concerned about the environment or energy.

        • TimEldred

          My comment was oversimplified to make a point, but of course I agree with you. The best solution is, if an animal could take over a human job it would theoretically free up the human to do a job more befitting a human. Also, by “energy-saving resource” I’m referring to more than just the burning of gasoline; human exertion is another form of energy.

          Regardless, it would all be moot if funding went where it is needed rather than “cut to coddle.”

        • JackDaniel07

          They are working on 3D printers that will build a 2000 sq ft house in one day, unmanned. Animals are, or should be, the least of our concerns. But I agree and think that its silly, as well as grandstanding inbred with nose-slicing-spite, to bring Your Pet Goat to “mow the lawn” and “save some money”

  • “He’s basically the idiot jock who didn’t study for a test and gets asked a question. “

    Perfect description.

    “fucking swaggering monkey”


    UM, Bob, not “everyone” thought the sheep were a great idea. Just sayin’….:)

    All in all, GREAT show!

  • The_Dork_Knight

    Thirty minutes in and it has all been spent bashing the obscure lefties again. :0(

    • The_Dork_Knight

      Adding: After the thirty minute mark you guys turned your guns on Perry and the show was great. Very nice.

    • Sirota is not “obscure”, and he is an asshole.

    • Whah? We only spent 5 minutes or so on Sirota. The rest of the half hour was about the climate crisis and the earthquake.

  • Scopedog

    Listening to the show here in New Jersey…which will get a blow from Irene.

    And yeah, the first thing I thought about was THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Still can’t believe that NYC is going to be hammered by a hurricane for the first time in decades.

    No choice but to batten down the hatches and listen to some Bob and Chez….

    • Be safe, Scopedog.

      • Scopedog

        Thanks, Nicole. I will.

        I’m in central New Jersey, so while we are going to get hit, it’s won’t be as bad as the shoreline. They’ve also issued a Tropical Storm watch for our area, which, while still serious, is not a Hurricane Warning. A bit of a relief.

        Nothing to do now but wait.

        • My former MIL survived 2 cat. 3’s and 1 cat 4. She lives on the water in FL, and lost her roof 3 times, but was never injured. (I would have moved inland after the first damn time).

          Anyhoo, keep us updated on your situation, please.