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Bob and Chez
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RELM_buttonTitillates: Trump versus Fox News Channel; Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs Joins us to Discuss Chuck C Johnson's Latest Hack Fraud News; Chuck Johnson and Ashley Madison; We Actually Agree with Glenn Greenwald; Lindsey Graham Wants to Fight Trump; Trumps Latest Polling; Biden Joining the Race; Trump's Hat and Making America Great; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • At about 47:00 “…because it’s on his hat” – “thank God it doesn’t say John Deere, otherwise she’d think he’s a tractor”.

    That one wins the day.

  • Badgerite

    Howard Stern on the Supreme Court. Interesting concept. At least he could probably come up with more interesting and creative language than ‘argle bargle. He would have to take a pay cut though, wear stupid clothes and I fear he would get bored early on. Not to mention, American constitutional law would probably never recover.

  • Sharon Marmaduke

    I love you guys and appreciate the sanity you bring to this outrageous world, but PLEASE stop insulting the folks with Down Syndrome by comparing Fox Focus group members to these fine people! Down Syndrome may cause a range of disabilities, but they still have feelings, and are full of love, laughter and compassion.

  • Billy Bob

    Another great show!

  • Emily333

    Chez, I’m a little worried about you. Have you gone to the dr. about your writer’s block? I was thinking about your tumor, KWIM?

  • muselet

    There are lots of bottom-feeders out to make people miserable with the Ashley Madison hack. In his podcast rant today, Dan Savage correctly (and metaphorically) bashed the hackers about the head and shoulders. I feel sure he would have taken a moment to smack Chuck C Johnson around, too, were he aware of the insignificant little creature.

    As I understand it—I could be wrong, it’s happened before—an attorney licensed in one state can argue a single case in another state, at the discretion of the judge. Chuck C Johnson may not have to hire another lawyer, but given the terrible legal advice he’s been getting, he might want to consider it.

    Bruce Springsteen is a good to very good songwriter and he attracted amazing sidemen, but he can’t sing to save his life.

    Expecting consistency from Glenn Greenwald—or indeed from most bloviators both online and off-—is expecting the sun to rise in the north and set in the northeast. Honestly, I think that’s one of the reasons for his swallowed-a-thesaurus writing style: to keep readers from noticing his ever-wavering bedrock principles. That said, beneath the excess verbiage, Greenwald is correct about the Ashley Madison hack.

    Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham are engaged in a battle of … well, I was going to say “wits,” but that’s not quite right, so let’s say they’re engaged in a pissing contest. Graham is trying to sound borderline reasonable and point out the insane things Trump says, and the untrollable Trump just fires back with more insults. It would be entertaining if whoever the R candidate is next year didn’t have a non-zero chance of winning the presidency (yes, that includes the short-fingered vulgarian).

    Bob, if Joe Biden gets into the presidential race, I’ll be shocked. He enjoys campaigning the way most of us enjoy a day at the beach, but he’s not an idiot. He has raised no money, hired no staff and given no stemwinding speeches lately. I think he’s toying with the political press, is all.

    Trump has tapped into that weird vein of American rage, and if you happen to be furious about Murca and how one of those people got to be President (it’s gotta be part of a conspiracy!), The Donald is there, chucking out insult after insult. We’ll see if he can withstand The Wrath Of Fox, now that everyone from Roger Ailes down to the guy who empties the wastebaskets at night is howling about how Trump was mean to Megyn Kelly! So far, The Man Called Trump has thumbed his nose at Fox, but I don’t know if that can last. Who will the rubes choose?

    “It’s on his hat.” *headdesk*

    Chez, you’re absolutely right. Donald Trump cares for the adulation of his marks, but that’s it.

    Bob, are you comparing Donald Trump to Angelyne?

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s “fucking”s at 47:05 and 53:48, and “shit” at 47:58.)


  • HilaryB

    Ugh. I hate this upcoming election season already. Is there any way we can make President Obama serve a third term?

    • Aynwrong

      Tell Fox News that Obama really doesn’t want to serve a third term. They’ll demand that he serves.

      • HilaryB

        Dear Roger Ailes….

    • ranger11

      Yeah, probably for the first time in my life I have no interest or enthusiasm in an election. And I have, for what it’s worth and it’s not much, a degree in Political Science and in my “learned” opinion this election season sucks.