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RELM_buttonTragedy Pimp: The Shooting in Virginia; Bob Takes on Gun-Worshiping Facebook Troll; Alex Jones Reacts to Virginia By Attacking Hillary Clinton; Chez Has Had Enough of Everything; The Second Amendment is the NRA's Skeleton Key; Dan Bidondi in Trouble with the Law; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Infowars Dan Bidondi

    Hillary Clinton should be behind bars, that evil witch!
    Hitlery Cuntin.. ahh hmm I mean Hillary Clinton..

  • Victor the Crab

    Gotta go with Chez’s bleak outlook on America. As long as we have screaming monkeys like Dan Bidondi and Banter troll Rimfire Shooter saying that their second amendment rights shall not be infringed, the nation is doomed.

    The logical side of my brain says Bidondi should be in jail for all the threats he’s made. But the emotional side of it says “How will we be entertained?”

  • Badgerite

    Has Bidondi decided whether or not he has closed his alleged mind as to the issue of whether or not the earth is flat? More “tings”,

  • muselet

    Since you asked …

    Oh dear lord. First, Eddie Garcia is a sidekick on The Ben Maller Show, on Fox Sports Radio in Los Angeles. Second, the shooter should never have had access to a firearm, but he should have had access to a functiional mental health system. Third, the Virginia shooting wasn’t “senseless,” it was a completely predictable consequence of a combination of untreated mental illness and easy access to firearms. Fourth, the earliest known attribution of molṑn labé to Leonidas I is by Plutarch, who was born 500+ years after the Battle of Thermopylae.

    “Tragedy pimp.” We’re into a new round of Righty Mad Libs, I see.

    I have seen people die on video before. I don’t need to experience that again. You couldn’t pay me enough to see the video of the Virginia shooting.

    “They always buy Glocks.” Yes, because Glocks have a “trigger safety,” which means a shooter has one less thing to think about before opening fire.

    What in the name of all that’s good and pure is un-American about expressing an opinion that rubs Alex Jones the wrong way (apologies for the imagery)?

    What Hillary Clinton tweeted is unexceptionable to the point of being anodyne. That Alex Jones got his chaddis in a twist over it says far more about him than it does about her.

    The function Alex Jones serves on behalf of the puppeteers is convincing the weak-minded to act against their own best interests. Alex Jones is selling out his listeners for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver.

    How’s that for some memes?

    Chez, I don’t disagree exactly, but I do think you’re over-generalizing. There’s a relatively small part of the population for whom firearms are a part of their identity. The problem is, that minority is noisy and, thanks to the NRA’s money and regional clout, influential. When it comes to guns—and abortion, for that matter—the minority is single-minded and the majority has other issues it considers important, and an obsessed minority will always outvote a sane majority (true in the general population and true in the Supreme Court).

    Bob, you just insulted used car salesmen.

    Australia didn’t ban guns exactly, but it did drastically curtail gun ownership in response to. a horrific mass shooting Are the gun nuts going to argue that Australia is now a totalitarian hell? Or that Australians are at the mercy of ravening hordes of crims? (Aussies would respond to both questions with a choice, and probably anatomical, suggestion.)

    Are we really going to argue that we’re less civilized than the Australians?

    Chez, I don’t know why, but I laughed out loud (the neighbors already think I’m barking mad, so it matters little) at your line about 5150ing Dan Bidondi. (For anyone outside California, “5150” refers to a section of the state Welfare and Institutions Code covering involuntary psychiatric holds.)

    I think Dan Bidondi needs a very good lawyer, because his minimal understanding of the law is going to get him in deep trouble, sooner rather than later. (Talk about thankless tasks: “Erm, Mr Bidondi, the First Amendment doesn’t actually let you threaten someone. Yes, really. No, sir, you can’t say that, either. Yes, really.”)

    Bidondi is lucky the Rhode Island State Police didn’t chuck his 290-poind arse in jail.

    Dan Bidondi is a journalist in the same way water is dry.

    (Bob, I think you got all the FCC-unfriendly language.)


    • Okay, but why?

      • muselet

        Which part of my maundering are you referring to, Bob?


      • GrafZeppelin127

        Court reporting with the stenographer’s keyboard is, I’ve heard it described, more like playing the piano than typing. As the video points out, the keys represent phonetic sounds, not letters of the alphabet. The real-time transcript that appears on the computer screen is the product of software that, for lack of a better description, “translates” stenography into English.

        There are numerous examples of handwritten stenography (or “shorthand”) that are precursors to this method of transcription. Court stenographers, and many legal secretaries, are trained in shorthand; some journalists use it too.

      • Samantha George

        We need actual human court recorders because an automated recording system can’t/won’t detect when testimony/audio in the room is inaudible/incomprehensible–I mean, look at how many television transcripts have [crosstalk] [inaudible]. No robots, yet!

        When I was in HS, we had a tour of the local courthouse and got to interview a judge, a bailiff, and a court reporter. Court stenography is not unlike learning shorthand; it’s so much easier to keep up with oral testimony if you’re using some type of shorthand or code.

  • chris ellis

    Do we want people like Dan to have access to guns?

    • Badgerite


    • Infowars Dan Bidondi

      Already do 🙂 I have many guns too! It’s called the 2nd Amendment! I sleep safe at night knowing I can protect my family, how about you?

  • Bosma

    Oh no! I haven’t listened to this yet (no spoilers please), I hope Bidondis troubles ended well. We can’t lose him..!!

  • josephebacon

    I couldn’t watch that unedited clip. It reminded me when Pennsylvania Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer shot himself…

  • JohnC80

    LiveLeak had the shooting video from the shooter’s camera and all I gotta say I rather watch someone peel skin off their arm with a potato peeler than watch that video again.