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RELM_buttonMachine Gun Bacon: Trump Will Rule the Debates; Chris Christie Made Us Feel Barfy; Bobby Jindal is a Dumbstupid; Two States Exonerate Planned Parenthood; CNN Treats Fake Sting Videos Like They're Real; Jeb Bush is Not Smart; A Tomato with a Feather Sticking Out of It; Ted Cruz Makes Machine Gun Bacon; The Fox News Debate Lineup; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Victor the Crab

    Donald Trump’s candidacy is all fun and games right now. But that poll that shows his approval rating rising and his disapproval rating dropping should be cause for concern. What if his wild ride doesn’t end and he shows more favourability amongst the voting populace? All of a sudden Donald Trump goes from being a political and social whackjob to quite possibly winning the White House.

    • ranger11

      Still don’t see it really happening. Eventually all the Republicans will gang up on him and he’ll destruct. It’s a long process and he’s “entertaining” but people will eventually get bored. Plus they always nominate the most vanilla candidate in the end except for Goldwater. I’ll eat my hat and my cat if he gets it.

  • ranger11

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no smart Bushes. Maybe George H.W., but even he was a bit erratic.Why the hell does this family have so much prominence it’s beyond me at this point.

  • muselet

    Bobby Jindal is pandering to The Base because of the secretly-recorded, misleadingly-edited videos. ZOMG! THEY’S SELLIN’ ‘BORTED BABY PARTS! isn’t a particularly mature reaction from an elected official, but when you’re running for President and you’re polling at 1%, you get desperate.

    Anyone who knows this stuff better than I do, please correct me if I’m wrong, but am I wrong in thinking a state can’t cancel Medicaid contracts without approval from Health & Human Services?

    Chez, you’re right that the Rs only care about the brand of Planned Parenthood. Caring about more than that would require a modicum of understanding about the organization’s mission, and where’s the fun in that?

    Bob, how did you manage to avoid that frelling Michael Bay trailer? I’m not needling you, I really want to know the secret to avoiding annoying crap.

    I’m hardly the first person to make this point—and it’s not the first time I’ve made it—but the fetus fetishists don’t actually care about abortion, they care about controlling when, how and why women engage in sexual behavior. It’s all about slut-shaming and the thrill they experience when they get to do it. They need to find a healthier hobby.

    Donald Trump has nothing to lose in the upcoming debates. At this point, with his poll numbers what they are, he could pull his pants over his head and speak only in Klingon, and not only would our glorious news media take him seriously, the other GOP candidates would follow suit. I remain unconvinced (as does Ed Kilgore) the short-fingered vulgarian will win the nomination, but his eccentric and almost perfectly substance-free campaign will be the model for Rs at least in the near future. (In fact, some of the commenters at, I believe it was, The Hill are starting to murmur amongst themselves that The Donald is a D plant. If only Ds were that clever and devious …)

    Okay, so Chris Christie is trying to position himself as the anti-Rick Santorum. Good to know. I fervently wish he’d found a different way of letting us all know that, is all.

    Bob, please, for the love of every god that ever was or ever will be, shut up about Chris Christie’s dong!

    Bob, of course the Rs will chase the Clenis around Washington again over the next sixteen months. It’s irrelevant and inflammatory and it’s something else the Rs can blame on Hillary Clinton.

    Lindsey Graham was over-prepared, like a fourth-grader at the school Christmas pageant. He should be embarrassed, but I’m not sure he’s capable. And he should never be seriously considered for President.

    Jeb Bush is the smart Bush brother. Unless you grade on a very generous curve, that doesn’t mean he’s smart.

    And yes, Trump will own the rest of the candidates in the first debate.

    “For all of the lip service that Republicans pay to our Founding Fathers, if our Founding Fathers saw these fcking morons, they would tear up the Constitution and go back to England.” Maybe, maybe not, but they’d certainly have made it harder to run for President.

    Ted Cruz is occasionally amusing, give him that. I had a giggle imagining him puking up everything he ever ate because of the cosmoline that bacon picked up from the gun barrel (and yes, gun humpers, I do know non-miitary firearms aren’t routinely coated with cosmoline).

    Donald Trump’s cabinet?

    I’ve worked with, for and around doctors. There are very few things they won’t discuss over food, up to and including fecal disimpaction, and necrotizing fasciitis. It only seems like bad taste if you haven’t spent time around MDs, and that’s the point of the videos, to make viewers feel oogy. Talking with (supposed) colleagues about fetal tissue collection over a salad and a glass of wine is not unprofessional behavior, but most people can’t manage the sort of professional detachment necessary to work in medicine. Chris Cuomo should have lunch with oncologists or general surgeons (hey, Chris, ask about debridement!) to see what table talk among medical professionals is really like (and after he’s through with his technicolor yawn, he can apologize for being such a colossal ass and resign).


    • Aynwrong

      Chris Cuomo should be fired after a display like that. Actually, so should Josh Earnest.

      I’m still amazed no one in the media or the Democratic party has used the word hoax to describe these videos. Especially after what was done to ACORN & Shirley Sherrod. This isn’t just bias. It’s institutional amnesia.

    • HilaryB

      Thursday’s “debate” is going to be quite a show. Trump’s not going to follow any of the rules. I can already hear him telling the moderators how he’s not done until he says he’s done, or something to that effect.

      • muselet

        You’re quite right.

        Since Donald Trump doesn’t need Fox News Channel, he won’t see any need to accommodate the moderators’ needs. He’ll bigfoot Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace without a second thought, and they won’t dare say much because The Donald is far ahead in the polls.

        The only thing missing will be calliope music.

        Too bad I’ve already made plans to organize my sock drawer on Thursday.


  • Aynwrong

    “Planned Parenthood saves lives and the video is a hoax. It is a replay of what was done to ACORN and Shirley Sherrod. It is propaganda.”

    That is all he needed to say. And then have the argument. And in this case, call out Chris Cuomo for his obvious horses***!