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RELM_buttonJackass: Chez on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour; Farewell to Jon Stewart and the End of Late Night Satire; The First GOP Debate; The Fake Story About Drinking Games; Jeb Bush Rips Donald Trump; Fox News Focus Group Goes Nuts About Trump; Jesse Ventura Goes Off About the GOP Debates; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Douglas DeLong

    I came across this epic smackdown of Dan Bidondi from 2013…

  • Bob, you were in Phoenix and you didn’t contact me! The nerve……Seriously though, why were you in AZ? It’s so hot here I wouldn’t even invite the devil to visit.

  • Badgerite

    What would make this election cycle complete, you ask? Well- a GOP debate with all their “quiver full” of candidates moderated by—– Jesse Ventura and Dan Bidondi.
    Chem-trails. Thermite paint. Darpa.
    The Builderbergers and the Illuminati. Maybe some golden oldies like flouridated water. Gun grabin camera men and false flags.
    One can dream.

  • Aynwrong


    Brought to you by the fine folks at Devlin McGregor.

    “That company’s a monster.”

  • muselet

    When a comedian—which is all Jon Stewart has ever claimed to be—becomes a “public servant,” there’s something seriously wrong. Stewart has done what good—dare I say great?—comedians have always done: hold a mirror up to society. At his best, John Oliver has a more deft touch and Stephen Colbert (playing “Stephen Colbert”) was more biting, but Stewart managed to walk the tightwire between self-aware and self-conscious five nights a week. What a post-Daily Show Jon Stewart will do should never be compared to what he’s done the past fifteen years (that’s a little like being the drunk at the concert hollering for a band to play its one big hit), but it will be interesting.

    Bob, doing cutting satire is hard work (if I know that, you know that). Finding the appropriate tone is hard, fighting the (culturally- and possibly politically-) conservative impulses of a television network is exhausting, staying relevant is enervating. Lazy is easy. Every time I’ve watched even two minutes of Saturday Night Live, the show has always found the easiest, laziest, sloppiest, most unfocused, stupidest joke and driven it into the ground. Jay Leno worked 300+ days a year between The Tonight Show and his live gigs—and bless him for his work ethic—but he never came within a parsec of laying a finger on the powerful or the assorted stupidities of American culture (no, “Jay Walking” does not count). Television may not be the right medium for social commentary, but it never really was, was it? Not to point it too finely, Leno buried David Letterman in the ratings damn’ near every week. That speaks volumes.

    You’re right. That video is wonderful.

    If I ruled the world, any real-world or online publication that quoted “anonymous sources close to [insert name of chickenshit politician here]” would be instantly put out of business. I mean, yes, it’s Politico and so expectations have to lowered, but the idea that their sources must be protected at all costs because Jeb Bush won’t take on Donald Trump publicly is, frankly, unseemly (and Jebbie needs to grow a pair).

    I can’t imagine why anyone—even the bozos at FNC—takes Frank Luntz seriously. Luntz’s schtick has always been “Oh, I know the magic words to make people vote R” and he’s 0 for 2 in the latest presidential elections. Could it be (say not so!) that Luntz doesn’t know any more than anyone else but is a really good self-promoter?

    Low-information voters tend to be high-propensity voters. Don’t want to live in the world the yahoos in that focus group so fervently desire? The only way to avoid that nightmare vision is to get up off your blot and vote! Stop listening to the frelling purity trolls, get over the delusion that a third-party candidate could conceivably be a productive president, and vote for the less-offensive major-party candidate.

    I still say Jesse Ventura sounds like a (very) drunk Keith Olbermann played back at ¾ speed.

    It’s customary to refer to someone by the highest elected/appointed office they have held. A quick check of the interwebs didn’t explain why or when the custom began (the information is out there, I just don’t know where) but, frankly, the custom is irritating at best.

    Bob, I think the Right is more likely to refer to people by title—mostly because it’s the done thing—but only people who are currently in favor with the Right. Nobody on Fox News is going to call Mitt Romney “Governor” unless he’s about to go after someone the Right dislikes more.

    Bob, when is anything to do with John Bolton not creepy?