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Eff Time Warner: Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Might’ve Bought Endorsements; Time Warner Cable Interferes in the Show; Breaking Up the Cable and Electricity Monopolies; Bob’s Solar Energy Plan; Chez Loses a Close Friend to Cancer; Suing the Cable Companies; The Best Colbert Segment Ever; Glenn Greenwald’s Lie About Whistleblower Punishments; The Conspiracy Theory Nexus; We Don’t Know Anything about 2016; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • Lex

    Bradley manning was not tortured? When the human rights watch, united nations and amnesty international say he was tortured it holds far more weigh then rantings from two establishment hacks who would defend obama if he pulled a woodrow willson on anti war protesters(by actully putting them in camps)

    but hey bob cesca before you start spewing terms “the far left” like bill o rilley does without even claryfing what the far left is its obivious you are engaging in ad hominem and guilt by assiction by somehow claiming that the aclu,daniel ellsberg must be like alex jones who has claimed that satanic pedophiles are behind the illumanti its obivious you are just a hack.

    real far-left extremists would be the likes of and crazy third world maoists, you are not far-left, at best you are centrist and in europe you would be classifed as a hard rightwinger

  • The constant in the network battles is CBS and their old parent, Viacom, along with Fox are the ones always demanding more money. I don’t recall any Time-Warner/Turner, NBC or ABC disputes like this before. It always boils down to that little trifecta I mentioned above.

  • Bob, my family in central PA have only one Internet option and it’s through cable TV. I don’t know why DSL service or satellite service isn’t available there (some of the old phone lines can’t handle DSL maybe). I hate my cable company here. Cox Communications has the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered and their pricing structure sucks. I wanted to get rid of the cable channels and just keep my Internet connection and so they raised the Internet connection rate on me. Then offered to give me a land line to make it cheaper. I haven’t had a land line in years. I could write a book about how much I hate them.

    Chez, I said this on your post about Michael too….your feelings about him are exactly how I felt about my nephew Dustin who was in his twenties. I totally understand your pain and I hope that you get through this okay. It will take time. Hold on to your good memories and your love for him.

  • i_a_c

    Before I say this, if Hillary Clinton were to become the Democratic nominee in 2016, I would enthusiastically vote for her no questions asked.

    I do think she is generally somewhat to the right of President Barack Obama, particularly on national security. From all the reports I read, she favored a more prolonged troop presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan than the president. I think her record has showed her to be more hawkish in general, and that liberals would miss the cautiousness of Barack Obama in a Hillary Clinton presidency.

    But I’m not some Nader/Stand with Rand nutjob, and I do think she would make a good president overall. They all have their pros and cons.

  • muselet

    Wait. Ron Paul and his campaign aren’t pure as the driven snow? I’m shocked. *snerk*

    I have no dog in the Time Warner Cable/CBS fight. It is faintly amusing to watch two megacorporations posture and bellow—and the local newspapers are loving it, because both sides have been buying full-page, color ads—but since I don’t subscribe to cable and watch one or maybe two CBS shows (no, you may not know which) it’s also an easy row to ignore.

    Bob, what you’re suggesting is exactly what Germany has as national policy. It’ll never happen here because SOSHULISM! but it’s a nice dream.

    The Chez Situation sounds like a novel by Robert Ludlum, about Jason Bourne’s smartass brother. Hey, I’d buy a copy.

    Rich guys have always bought and owned newspapers. Owning a paper is a big ego-boost, it can help frame issues of importance to the rich guy, and very occasionally the rich guy actually cares about the community and journalism. As I said the other night on the blog, only Jeff Bezos knows what Jeff Bezos plans to do with the Post. Fingers crossed.

    Chez, again, I’m so sorry about your brother (screw technicalities, Michael wasn’t your ex–brother-in-law, he was your brother). Cancer sucks.

    If anything, I’m even more tired of the War on Whistleblowers nonsense than you guys are.

    “… [A]ll of these embassy closings are all a false flag to distract from Glenn Greenwald’s NSA reporting.” Gads.

    Chez, you’re right: no president could possibly do anything under the current political circumstances and not get blamed by someone (or both tribes of lunatics simultaneously), and the insanity absolutely won’t stop.

    And I really want to light on fire anyone at this point who talks about 2016. (Bob, since that isn’t practical to do over the internet—especially when the connection isn’t reliable—you’re safe.)