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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 9/13/12

The crisis in North Africa; Mitt Romney and his buffoonish response to Libya and Cairo; Bluster and loudness do not equate to competence; The Vanity Fair article about Obama; The latest edition of Romney Fever; Stop posting photos of dead people; Norah versus Paul Ryan on Defense Cuts; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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Bubble Genius

  • Bob, when you joked about Romney being a Manchurian candidate, what popped into my head was one of those old wooden russian dolls, you know the nested kind? I just imagining Romney opening up and a different person popping out of him. GW or Palin….haha!

  • Buffalodavid

    Okay, concerning Romney’s “drinking.” As a member of the LDS Church, he is supposed to abstain from all alcohol. Period.

    After this it can get a little confusing. Mormons love to give away copies of the Book of Mormon (patent pending) as a loss leader. If you read it, you can become an expert on their “history” but still know very little of the dogma.

    That come later, in the books they don’t give away. One of these is titled “The Pearl of Great Price.” That’s where this part comes from. One of the things it says is to stay away from “hot drinks.” In the 1840’s when this was published, most took this to mean, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. These retard the digestion. Sure. Why not.

    Years later, one of the sitting Prophets reclassified this to all drinks with caffeine. Hey, whats the point of having the Ultimate Word Of God if you can’t re-tweak it every now and then.

    Early in the twentieth century, this came to include sodas. Maybe. At least ones with caffeine. Or not.

    If you go to a Mormon function, you may be offered a Pepsi, as the Mother Church is a major stock holder.

    In the part of southern Utah where I live (total outnumbered by the Sons of Smith) carrots used to be known as Mormon Candy. The candy ban seems to have gone the way of all flesh. As well as the ban on hot chocolate. If you go down to the general store in my little town, you’ll find five to ten cowboys, drinking their “hot chocolate” away from the wife. About half of these are drinking coffee, and calling it “hot chocolate.”

    • Wow, those Mormons are getting all crazy away from their wives! (note the plural there)….And I thought they owned Coke, not Pepsi….moot point I know.

  • Sidney18511

    Check out the smirk on this shysters face.