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RELM_buttonPresident Sleep Tape: Kanye West Has a SuperPAC Now; Donald Trump Coming Out of Your Ears; Ben Carson is Catching Up with Trump; Mark Halperin and Conventional Wisdom; The CNN Debate; Chris Christie Slams John Kerry; Kim Davis is the Clerk of Constant Drama; Obama Says College Students Shouldn't Be Coddled; Twitter vs Matt Damon; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • On the Matt Damon blowup – is it a bad thing that so many people are paying attention to this heretofore (IMO) thoroughly boring-as-f**k-inside-baseball-mutual-blowjob of a “reality show”?

    Gee – I wonder how this whole media/social media thingie works. C’mon – nobody really thinks this just pops up outa nowhere, right?

    What if something were to happen – completely by coincidence, of course – that lets the “drama” leak into the production side of the show? Then we’ll have a really cool Show Within A Show About A Show Within A Show About A Show. It’s so meta – so artsy – it’s infinite regression in real time – only on HBO so you can watch it over and over and over with your eyes crossed so you can get the full effect, until you pass out and drown in your own puke.

    The only thing worse than the crap being covered by the media is the media covering the media covering the crap being covered by the media.

    Not that I feel strongly about it one way or another – or that I even remember what the f**k I started out trying to say. Picked a bad day to stop drinkin’.

  • leemoder

    Hey Bob,
    While this is OT, I saw this over at Wonkette and had to share it here. It captures, in text, what Dan Bidondi gives us through the spoken word.

  • Badgerite

    This was a very, very, very, very good show. It was the best show ever. It was such a good show that my head is spinning. It was a beautiful show and very, very classy. And you should make Mexico pay for it.
    That is all.

  • muselet

    The world would be a happier place without Mark Halperin in it, or at least had Halperin become a car mechanic or an assistant manager at a Trader Joe’s.

    How can anyone take Donald Trump seriously? That’s not rhetorical, I’m genuinely curious.

    You’re right, Chez, Trump is the unprepared middle-school student trying to BS his way through an answer.

    The Rs have no one to blame but themselves for the rise of Trump (The Rise Of Trump coming soon in Panavision and Technicolor!), as Tom Tomorrow reminds us.

    Mark Halperin may be, Kevin Drum isn’t taken in by Trump.

    Chez, you’re right. A lot of people in this country have decided they’re sick and tired of being fed up in this country with being sick and tired (as ever, Monty Python’s Flying Circus got there first) and they’re looking for alternatives to *scary music sting* The Two Parties! Donald Trump says the sorts of things disaffected Rs want to hear; Bernie Sanders says the sorts of things disaffected Ds want to hear.

    I suppose Kanye West could get some support from his SuperPAC’s two videos, but it sure as hell ain’t going to come from anyone who’s not already a huge fan of his. If this is serious (I’m not convinced: West did announce during the VMAs, or so Wikipedia tells me).

    Vanity presidential candidacies. I suppose that makes as much sense as anything.

    Mark Halperin (good lord, are we back to him?) was rightly #1 on Salon’s 2011 Hack List, and is the man (half-) responsible for Game Change and Double Down: Game Change 2012 (and, as I’ve joked before, the upcoming All In: Double Down: Game Change 2016 and No Limit: All In: Double Down: Game Change 2020). He’s not capable of the kind of deep analysis that would lead him to conclude that Donald Trump is an oafish cartoon who Should. Not. Be. Taken. Seriously.

    “Wow. We’re going to have four year of excellent podcasts.” Sweet mother of mercy, Bob, don’t even joke about that. By the end of year 2 of a Trump Administration *shudder* the world would look like a post–fire-bombing Dresden.

    Bob, it’s not a replica, it’s a real—if decommissioned—Boeing 707 used as Air Force One from 1973 to 2001.

    Ben Carson absolves Rs—Righties in general—of feeling guilty about racism. That’s worth a couple of points in the polls. And his policy positions and proposals are if anything more radically Right than Donald Trump’s, they’re just presented more civilly. Maybe that’s it: Ben Carson is the thinking wingnut’s Donald Trump. *shudder*


    • Badgerite

      Kevin Drum. There is no substitute. Did Trump really say “You are the b###lickers”? Seriously?
      Dear God.

      • muselet

        Kevin Drum is one of the sane bloggers and has been for years. He has his quirks—don’t we all—but his analyses are always thoughtful and he attracts smart, funny commenters.

        As for Donald Trump and the Jay and Silent Bob line, I have no idea if the audio’s legit or doctored or what. It seems unlikely the short-fingered vulgarian would say such a thing (he’s not that clueless, I wouldn’t have thought), but given the other stuff that falls out of his pie hole, maybe I’m giving him too much credit.


        • Badgerite

          That’s the thing. Given what he has said so far, you cannot say conclusively that that is something Trump wouldn’t say. I like Kevin Drum too. Also love his Friday Cat Blogging pictures.

          • muselet

            The adventures of Hilbert and Hopper (and before them, Inkblot and Domino) are the best part of the week.


  • Aynwrong

    Okay, so I watched that You Tube vid before listening to the show and while I’m sure the show will explain I still feel the need to ask


    Also, gee I wonder which party they belong too? Not really.

    • Bosma

      I was wondering the same thing. Its not in the show. Maybe a Patreon Promo mixup? Obviously they are a bunch of butthurt “anti-pc” goons who never got laid growing up and are taking it out on…someone..??

      • HilaryB

        It’s in the Post Mortem show.

      • Aynwrong

        The whole thing is just kind of sad.