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RELM_buttonNo Cheese for You: Our CNN Debate Special; We recap Wednesday night's CNN debate; Damn it was a long one; Jeb Bush on keeping us safe; Trump's most ridiculous moments; Fetus fetishes; Fetuses versus immigrant children; The truth about Rosa Parks; Trump and Carson on vaccines; Effing that 911 chicken; Bad dudes are here; Rand Paul comparatively sounded reasonable; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Badgerite

    It’s ironic really. The people most under threat from Islamic terrorism today are Muslims living in Middle Eastern lands. Look at the people flooding into Europe. I wonder If Osama Bin Laden envisioned such a spectacle. Where what he unleashed is more of a threat to Muslims and Muslim society than to anyone else. They are ripping their own lands and their own peoples apart. Like Chez says, young people looking around at the effects of religion in the world today don’t have anything good to see.

  • Badgerite

    How come no one mentioned thermite paint and chemtrails? The true issues of our time.

  • Badgerite

    One of the things President Obama can take a great deal of credit for is his handling of the Ebola hysteria that gripped some of the more unhinged in this country. His steadiness and reliance on the expertise of the medical professionals who placed their lives on the line to keep the disease contained was awesome. Can you imagine a Donald Trump under similar emergency circumstances? Jesus. Without the support given to those who went to Africa to fight and contain ebola, it would still be spreading in Africa and possibly elsewhere. That is how an epidemic becomes a pandemic. Foolishness like Trump expressed is how the plague spread in the middle ages. Scientists have committed their whole lives to understanding the natural world and how it works. Who the hell is Trump to contradict them. He’s seen it. I have seen a frog come out of a muddle puddle. That does not support the idea of spontaneous generation as some in the middle ages thought. Idiot!

  • nicklinc

    These debates need more Dan Bidondi, though I fear he would stand out as an intellectual giant compared to some of the buffoons on stage.

  • muselet

    TPM commenter “kuvasz”:

    re: debate length

    Humans have had democracy for 2,500 years and its about time we selected our leaders as those best able to hold their urine.

    Carly Fiorina has a long history of being economical with the truth. That she would take the time to fabricate an elaborate scene that doesn’t exist, from videos that are already misleadingly edited, surprises me not in the least.

    Ed Kilgore:

    As we saw again last night, Fiorina relies on speed and specificity to give the impression of substantive knowledge, even if it’s not actually there.

    As long as you don’t know the details of what Fiorina is talking about, she sounds superficially convincing. In other words, she sounds like a B-school grad in a corporate board meeting. Yeah, that also describes Mitt Romney in the first debate in 2012 pretty well.

    Bob, that nonsense about them damn’ dirty Messican wimmens coming across the border at the last minute to pop out a kid so they can get green cards! and welfare! has been a Righty nightmare for at least a couple of decades. Never mind it doesn’t happen that way, a lot of people on the Right insist it does. (It can be good fun to ask for evidence, at least if you enjoy outraged sputtering.)

    Chez, please, for the love of all that’s good and pure, never, ever put “fucking” and “Margaret Thatcher” in the same sentence. Thank you.

    We’ll have to see if Donald Trump’s less-than-rapturous response from the debate audience will translate into falling poll numbers. My two bucks says no.

    The Right has been trying to co-opt the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement for quite a while. Mostly, to be sure, Martin Luther King, but lately Rosa Parks, as well. It’s hilarious that Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, out loud and on purpose, heaped praise on Parks without knowing she was a supporter of Planned Parenthood (luckily for them, the people they were actually speaking to—Republican primary voters—know even less about her).

    Righteous rant, Chez. Bravo. Anti-vaxxers irritate me, too, but it’s (slightly) less personal for me because I don’t have a kid.

    “He’s an okay doctor.” That’s about as close as Ben Carson will ever come to dope-slapping someone in public, and deservedly so (last week, if you’ll recall, Trump said Carson was “an okay doctor”).

    For what it’s worth, Chez, Charlie Pierce agrees with you guys about Rand Paul.

    I can understand Jeb (Jeb!) Bush defending his brother in the moment last night. It’s a very human impulse. But in the harsh light of day to do it again is just stupid. I’m not the only person to think this, and I’ve said it often enough that people are getting tired of it, but John Ellis Bush Bush is playing to lose.

    The novelty value of Donald Trump will probably wear off sometime soon, but he tickles the id of The Base, so he won’t simply go away (more’s the pity).

    I will be so glad when this election is over.


  • HilaryB

    What a freak show that was last night. My personal favorites were:

    -Huckabee referring to the candidates as the “A Team.”
    -Trump tooting his own horn all night. He’s such an assclown.
    -Jeb’s stupefying comment about his brother keeping us safe.
    – Kasich not knowing that western allies did take part in the deal with Iran. I do give him kudos for inadvertently admitting that Clinton left us with a surplus though.
    -Chris Christie using the podium to hold himself up.
    -Rand Paul’s hair.
    -Ben Carson stating that illegal immigrants with “pristine records” should be restricted to working in the fields. (Did he forget about slavery?)

    We are so screwed if Democrats don’t show up to vote next year. I can totally see Bernie supporters throwing a fit and staying home because they think there’s no difference between Hillary and the Republicans.

    • Scopedog

      We are so screwed if Democrats don’t show up to vote next year. I can totally see Bernie supporters throwing a fit and staying home because they think there’s no difference between Hillary and the Republicans.

      That’s my biggest fear too–a repeat of 2000, 2010, and 2014. Of course, they’ll counter with the standard-issue nonsense of “both parties are the same and Hillary is really a Republican”. They are already sending out more shots at Hillary (and Obama, for that matter) than at the GOP.

      • HilaryB


  • Victor the Crab

    NONE of the idiots on stage last night deserve to ever come close to getting to the White House.

    And yet, almost half of the American electorate will vote for one of these ass clowns next November with a whole lot of undecideds still trying to make up their minds on who to vote. Mitt Romney got about 61 million votes – the fourth highest total – for running a very shitty campaign in 2012.

    There’ll be some sleepless nights yet. O.o