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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 9/18/13


Shake and Bake: The Navy Yard Massacre; The Background Check System is Broken; The Same Old Script Isn’t Working; Is Gun Control Dead; Alex Jones and Everything is a False Flag; Chuck Todd Says It’s Not His Job To Correct GOP Lies; Michelle Obama Promotes Drinking Water; Rush Limbaugh Comes Out Against Water; John Cusack’s Sappy Hagiography of Greenwald et al; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

The Angry Black Lady, Imani Gandy, will be our guest on next week’s show! Be there!

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  • Lex

    and the neocon shilling keeps ongoing by bob cesca like you said in the show you are indeed rightwing, you were a liberal or at least pretended to be one but your not a partisan rightwing neocon hack

    • ranger11

      Why are you spending over fifty minutes of your time to listen to it then? That seems kind of odd.

    • YOU’RE hilarious.

  • beulahmo

    It sure sounds to me like Aaron Alexis was very likely dealing with untreated schizophrenia. If that’s the case, his use of video games has very little relevance to his reasons for committing mass murder.

  • Lady Willpower

    Is ABL going to spend the entire hour chiding Chez for his White Privilege?

    • CL Nicholson

      Initially ABL and Chez will banter about White Privilege, but then they’ll find something stupid that Greenwald said and go completely in on that fool with all guns blazing?

  • muselet

    Bob, isn’t Grand Theft Audio the game where you have to fight off the RIAA’s lawyers while you illegally download music?

    Chez, you’re right. Sandy Hook should have been the catalyst for change, but it wasn’t. The gun lickers won.

    Bob, at this point I don’t think even a mass shooting of the NRA board of directors will move the nation back toward sanity on gun laws. I’ve got fifteen years on you and I don’t remember things ever being this bad. Of course, until 2008 (District of Columbia v. Heller) and 2010 (McDonald v. Chicago), the Supreme Court didn’t have a majority of stupid people ruling on gun laws.

    Ed Schultz has always struck me as useless, and his moaning about videogames just reinforces my opinion. Shorter Ed Schultz: You kids with your saggy pants and your hippity-hoppity music, you get off my lawn!

    Chuck Todd is special, isn’t he? *eyeroll*

    The rot set in when journalists realized there was more money in pontificating than in reporting. Since pundit spots are few and far between, the best way not to lose the chance for one is to be as anodyne as possible while working as a journalist. That, and to take Republican and conservative arguments far more seriously than Democratic and liberal ones.

    Just so we’re clear, the Right doesn’t want people to eat better, doesn’t want people to drink water, doesn’t want people to exercise, and doesn’t want people to have affordable health insurance to deal with the consequences of eating and drinking garbage and not moving around. Because they care about individual rights!

    There are artisanal ice cubes and people still seriously argue that the rich aren’t rich enough? Oy. (And somehow it doesn’t surprise me that Wolfgang Puck would demand ice cubes that are the platonic ideal of ice cubes.)

    As I said last night, Dilma Rousseff couldn’t have been surprised about the US listening in on her government’s communications, but had to make a very public gesture for the peanut gallery. It means very little.

    And at 14:43 Chez says “fucking.” Justifiably, but still …