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RELM_buttonAll Things Scottish: Ben Cohen From The Daily Banter Joins Us; Banter’s Campaign to Unfcuk the Internet; Scottish Independence; George RR Martin Campaigning for Tom Udall; Obama Investigating Wall Street Banksters; Chez’s Controversial Troll-Baiting Posts; The Danièle Watts Arrest; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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Bubble Genius

  • Me., I’m rooting for round 2. Something to think about: when the referendum was proposed, independence polled at 29%. Grass-roots organizing got it up to 45%. And the demographics are the same as the Tea Party/Republican folks: Over 55’s voted for the Union, 16-17 year olds voted 73%-17% for independence. Something tells me that as soon as the over-entitled Silents die off-independence will sail through. Why beg London when you can make your own deals and choices? And a decade of grass-roots organizing and thinking will do the trick.

    • In the meantime the Scottish Independence movement needs to make plans for having their own currency and how they’re going to make up for Oil revenue shortfalls. I’m all for Scotland having independence (I do have a bit of Scottish ancestry) now or later, but maybe later would be better from a planning standpoint.

  • Emily333

    Chez, I completely understand about the Kent State thing. I totally understand how your first reaction was to laugh. I think it’s fine. I can sometimes have a sense of humor like that too.

  • muselet

    I’m not sure why I find the idea of Dan Bidondi trolling The Daily Banter so hilarious.

    As far as I can tell, Scotland would be better off losing the referendum by a hair. First, that would be useful leverage the next time the Scots get annoyed with London. Second, there wouldn’t be the chaos and upheaval of secession. Third, Scotland wouldn’t have to create its own currency and watch its value get hammered on the forex market. (Just for the record, I have some Scottish ancestry if you go back enough generations.)

    Ben is more or less right. Back in the Noughties (the trend started in the ’80s, but it took two decades for the trend to be noticed), Wall Street was hiring physicists and mathematicians to create insanely complicated predictive economic models. In large part, the Masters of the Universe who drove the world economy into a ditch were slavishly following their firms’ models (and regulators and others who should have known better were in thrall to the models, too). That said, I sincerely doubt those models included things like bundling lousy mortgages and passing the bundles off as safe investments.

    Now, of course, the mathematicians are writing software for high-speed trading (and nothing could possibly go wrong there).

    Regardless of how the Wall Street investigation goes, the far Left will be terribly disappointed because guys who wear expensive suits to work don’t get perp-walked, usually not even for violent felonies.

    Barack Obama wasn’t a naif when he entered the White House. It’s hard to imagine that he was surprised by resistance to his proposed reforms, but yes, he was expecting ordinary political opposition and it’s always possible to negotiate with normal political opponents.

    Someone once joked that Mel Gibson’s standard contract requires his character to be tortured. I’m more than half-convinced that’s actually true.

    Chez, we all have superpowers. Yours is the ability to outrage the easily outraged. It may not be much, but it’s yours.

    Bob, ever since you refused to genuflect before Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden, Charlie Pierce has had it in for you. Why you, specifically, is an open question.

    Chez, there’s no other way to put it, your pet troll is nuts.


    • Charlie and I are friends who end up in virtual barroom brawls against each other. It’s weird.