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RELM_buttonColossal Baby Pricks: Republicans and Fox News Continue to Freak Out About the Pope; Carly Fiorina and Smoking Weed; Shep Smith Totally Nails the GOP Outrage; Stupid TV Producer Posts Nazi Symbol on Yom Kippur; Morning Joe Blames Hillary for Birther Movement; Jeb Bush Needs to Quit the Race Now; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Wendy Leigh Rank

    I haven’t heard anything about it in a while so maybe it’s no longer true, but has anyone here heard of the 3 generation integration model for immigrants?

  • muselet

    I have no idea how Carly Fiorina’s stepdaughter died. I have no interest in finding out. What I do know, to a certainty, is that Carly Fiorina is either the most cynical waste of carbon on the planet for using her stepdaughter’s death to advance her political career, or she’s coping with that death in the least healthy way possible, and no, there’s no overlap there, she’s either one of the other. Either way, she needs to seek professional help, and no, I’m not being my usual snarky self.

    It turns out, “in the tank” has an interesting etymology.

    “That’s that black guy with the street in every bad neighborhood, right?” I don’t know why I found that so funny. Well done, Chez.

    Bob, you seem to forget, Saint Ronald of Reagan proved conclusively that trees cause smog (“Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do.”).

    “He’s not playing politics, he’s just saying something they don’t want him to say.” Indeed.

    Righties are nostalgic for John Paul II and Benedict XVI, popes who agreed with them on social issues (Righties decided they could ignore the palaver about social justice and the immorality of war and all that other commie crap). Yes, of course we Lefties do something similar, but not nearly to the same extent.

    Shepard Smith is a sensible person. No wonder he’s at odds with the irrational nitwits who insist the Pope is being political for speaking about the basic tenets of the Catholic faith.

    Chez, I don’t consider Glenn Beck a leading indicator of much, politically, but he’s promoted a counter-celebration to Earth Day on the 22nd of April, something he calls something like “Human Progress Day” (I can’t trouble myself to find out). Every year for the past several years, Beck has encouraged his listeners to burn tires and idle their SUVs all day. Why? Because he thinks it’ll enrage those damn’ tree-hugging hippies. That’s the depth of thought we’re all up against.

    How does anyone not know a yellow Star of David with the word “Jude” has a negative connotation? Whoever put that graphic up needs to be fired, preferably from a cannon.

    Birferism is why I refuse to take Mark Halperin seriously, why Joe Scarborough needs to go off air, and why Donald Trump needs to go away.

    Bob, you’re assuming Jeb Bush has a sense of honor. Entitlement, yes; honor, no.

    The Republican vision of society sounds an awful lot like that of the Borg. Good to know the Rs are looking out for the individual, innit? (Beat you two to it. I outgeeked you for once.)

    I’ve said it many times before, but the US has gone through periodic panics about people from one or another culture being unassimilable. It’s nonsense and it’s always been nonsense. We are a multicultural society, and that is and always has been one of our great strengths.

    Every immigrant group learns English within one generation. Always have. The typical pattern is: adult immigrants never learn English well enough to be comfortable with the language, their children grow up freely bilingual, their grandchildren are monolingual English speakers (but know a couple of phrases in their grandparents’ native language), and their great-grandchildren get interested and learn the immigrants’ native language as a second language. Accommodating the adult immigrants who don’t speak fluent English—by, forf example, making government forms available in multiple languages—costs very little and should trouble no one.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s “fuckin'” at 4:34.)


  • Badgerite

    Hilary Clinton in no way, shape or form could be called a birther. Donald the Frankentrump in 2012 and before put himself squarely in the front of the parade. He loudly and ridiculously questioned the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate even though Obama had already released the long form birth certificate that birther’s like Trump had howled for. Trump claiming Hilary Clinton bears responsibility for this offensive idiocy which we now refer to as Birtherism is something akin to Hitler claiming Elie Wiesel was the real culprit behind anti-semitism because he said something nasty about a neighbor once.
    There are so many problems with Trump as a candidate it is ridiculous. But one of the big problems is his total lack of honesty and character. These things matter in the person who would lead the United States of America.

    • Scopedog

      Hilary Clinton in no way, shape or form could be called a birther.

      Of course. But never forget that the Hillary hatred is so prevalent that some on the Left will eagerly embrace the RW shibboleth said about Hillary. That’s been SOP for over 20 years now.

      But one of the big problems is his total lack of honesty and character.

      Yup. And it’s painful to see some swoon over Trump because they find him “refreshing” because he “tells it like it is”. I remember the last time America put a guy in office because of what he said, not about his character, and it didn’t work out so well for us. How ironic that many on both extremes complain about President Obama lacking honesty and character and yet they run to politicians (or candidates) who are seriously lacking in both–Ron and Rand Paul, and Trump, for example.

      And in other WTF news, there’s this:

      • Badgerite

        They would have to get other countries so actually sign such a treaty.
        I don’t see that happening. Certainly countries like Russia and China and Syria and Iran will not.

      • Badgerite

        The issue with Trump is really that he knows that the birther crap is unture crap. And he got front and center of it and pitched it as if he believed it to be true. He did that to take advantage of the gullible base of the GOP who will believe anything about Barack Obama. And if he was willing to lie to them and pretend to believe something that he knows is absurd, what makes anyone think he won’t do the same to them. About any issue.
        All this baloney about Trump being “authentic” makes me just laugh out loud. He is about as “authentic” as my socks. Which aren’t.
        Phoney baloney Trump.

  • josephebacon

    HELP! Why am I seeing an ad on this page that says, “Thank you, Governor Walker”?