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RELM_buttonArtificial Penis: Syria airstrikes underway; GOP and Fox News focus on Obama’s coffee salute; Undermining the Commander-in-Chief; Silly Scandals; Meme Culture takes over; Eric Holder resigning; NSFW! – InfoWars Conspiracy Goon Dan Bidondi is outraged by a story that turns out to be fake; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • Victor_the_Crab

    Daah, dis really grinds me. It really duz!”

    So I guess that means Dan Bidondi tried out the dildo on himself, for research.

    That was pure gold Bob, GOLD!

  • Badgerite

    Catnip. Absolute catnip.

  • Oh God, that header image (and anything that associates that egg shaped face with sex of any kind) is making me want to laughpuke to death.

  • Draxiar

    Fitting that these clips are from “Outside Providence”…a little known sleeper film from the late 90’s.

  • muselet

    I wish the endless Righty chase after a new shiny toy—this week, it’s a stupid hand gesture—still surprised me, I truly do. Not that many years ago, this sort of thing surprised and dismayed me. Now, I’m surprised if Righty media don’t make a big deal out of nothing, merely because it’s the Muslim Kenyan usurper who did it.

    “Something black people do and that kind of scares us as elderly white people, so therefore terrorist.” You’re right, of course, Chez, but that was Fox News’s first real concerted attempt to drive coverage of Barack Obama. On a large scale, it didn’t work because it was so frelling stupid, but it was an overwhelming success at making FNC’s target audience of, well, elderly white people frightened of an inoffensive if somewhat professorial black man.

    (As a fairly meaningless aside, I’m old enough that fist bumps feel awkward. I’ve never had anyone laugh out loud at me when I’ve done it, though, so maybe I’m not doing it all that badly no matter how foolish it makes me feel.)

    Years ago, Charles Revson is supposed to have said, “A man in a brown suit looks like shit.” Which is more or less true if the man in question is melanin-deficient. However, Barack Obama isn’t a pale person, so the old jab doesn’t apply. And the very fact that people actually took the time to debate—well, complain about—Obama’s choice of summer suit is very depressing.

    There are no kingmakers any more and no gatekeepers. That puts the onus on us. I have the luxury you guys don’t: I can ignore vast swaths of the internet. I’m not tempted even slightly by social media or sites that exist to lean on the outrage horn. Sure, I miss some relatively obscure stories, but I keep my sanity (such as it is), which seems a fair trade. (And if things get too bad, I can always spend some time with the lolcats, speaking of meme culture.)

    Attorneys General come and go. Eric Holder’s announced resignation is important only because of who his successor might be. Guaranteed, that person won’t take a vastly different approach than Holder because that person will also be acting according to the priorities set by the president. Imagine that.

    Asking for consistency from the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of them is like asking an elephant to dance ballet.

    Every time you guys do a segment on Dan Bidondi’s nitwittery, I recall the wise words of Grandfather McCartney: “Now, Paulie, don’t mock the afflicted.” Then I hear what Bidondi said and I think, “Yeah, he deserves it. CTE or no CTE, he deserves it.” (Guys, if you want to depress yourselves, there are people out there who believe every word he says. And they vote in every single election.)

    Bob, you are evil. That supercut is going to make it very hard to sleep tonight.


    • aynwrong

      A Farscape fan?

      • muselet



  • JohnC80

    I gotta create fake story and see will Bidondi report it as fact. All I need is a synopsis from a random G.I. Joe episode. And the fact he got a second crack of having his radio show getting carried on a another platform proves it doesn’t matter how insane you sound or you base your outrage on fake stories as long you’re a conservative especially a far right wing conservative you can get a radio show.

    • muselet

      I like the way you think.