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We dedicate the entire show to discussing liberal dissatisfaction with President Obama; Progressive Racism?; The Melissa Harris-Perry Column; The President's Accomplishments; What Motivates Progressive Anger About the President?; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • A quick thanks from me to everybody who commented, and for the kind words about my mom. She came through her surgery today — a mastectomy, but they think they got all the cancer and they didn’t find any in her lymph nodes so we’ll see I guess.

    Oh, and John — yes, the one time I got into it with Greenwald his idiot acolytes wouldn’t leave me alone. They’re as pompous and pious as he is and under no circumstances will they ever admit they’re wrong on anything. Again, fights on Twitter are ridiculous.

    • Really happy to hear about your mom, Chez!! Will keep her in my thoughts.

      I had the same experience with Greenwald twice, and Hamsher once.

      I generally leave those 2 asshats alone, but I was really, really angry right after the midterms, and went out of my way to let them know. 🙂

      Also, when Greenwald compared a pro-Obama blogger to a Nazi photographer on Twitter, that really pissed me off, and I got in to it with him again

      Morons, they are. And if they had smaller egos, they wouldn’t bother to defend themselves to the “little people” such as myself.

      • mrbrink

        Greenwald’s hilarious. I can’t help but laugh at him anymore, or anyone that defers to his bullshit narrative for clarity. Drama queens. All of them.

        When his whole angle is to shape the facts in such a way that indicts president Obama as an outright war criminal, and spends weeks telling everyone Elena Kagan is an usurping O-Bot corporatist mole, or looks the other way when the president stands up in front of the world and declares Citizen’s United an act of war on American democracy, you’re not a voice of reason– you’re just an asshole with a warped sense of self-righteousness.

        And Bradley Manning, Glenn’s martyr, is a government employee who stole classified documents and gave them away to a third party who posted them all over the internet, exposing diplomatic communications and state secrets, indiscriminately violating, not only the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but the fourth amendment rights of everyone involved. This was actually much worse than Dick Cheney outing Valerie Plame, considering the scope, but Glenn’s got to have a figurehead in is little pissy rhetorical war on the president.

        Greenwald, in his effort to stand atop the heap of credibility, has actually lost every last drop since Obama was sworn in and I’d be glad to highlight all this for him, but he’s probably too busy padding himself on the back for being a quality asshole.

        • I agree.

          The Manning thing really got to me after a while. I mean, come on….. he’s a damn traitor. He betrayed his country. And the asshat Greenwald defends him??

          If I were a guy, I wouldn’t pee on Greenwald if he were on fire.

          • Scopedog

            Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station (who is a military veteran) has a great takedown of Bradley Manning and his supporters:


            He goes all-out and calls Manning a REMF–will not spoil what that means–and it’s damned good article.

            Too bad Greenwald and co. will never read it.

          • Scopedog, thanks for that linking to that excellent piece!

        • villemar

          Yup. We veteran Salonistas call him Glenn Greenbeck. He basically had 4 Baby Jesuses that he’d martyrize in rotation in his daily Aspergarian linkfarms: Baby Jesus Manning, Baby Jesus Bin Laden, Baby Jesus Qhaddaffi, and Baby Jesus Al-Alwaki. Now that 2 of them are muerta and a 3rd on his way and the fourth falling into obscurity its’s no wonder that his Cultists are even more vituperative and agitated and hysterical….it’s like hitting a wasp’s nest.

          Basically, and I posted this at Chez’s page, I and a bunch of veteran Salonistas who are not emotionally retarded and who do not hate Obama with the white-hot passion of elevendy kajillion suns have all been driven off of Salon by Glenn’s Cultists, the GGBots; who have pretty much infested every corner of Salon and raised an emo shit fit if anyone, columnist or letter poster, who dares challenge the premise that Obama=Bush=Hitler=Pol Pot=Vlad the Impaler=Caligula=The Cloverfield Moster. It’s a shame, ever since Joan took over, had her PUMA jag, and changed the focus from content to page hit generation; it’s been a complete mess. Now that place is pretty much pure baggerbait, a riot of paranoid discombobulation and angry rants from people who marinate in Greenbeckistan 24/7 from mommy’s basement. L. Ron Greenwald gets his cultists high off the steady stream of Obama Outrage Porn, Salon gets page hits, Joan keeps Concern Trolling, and it just doesn’t stop.

          It really started I think when 1) Joan went Full Pumatard, and people like Taylor Marsh just sent legions of PUMA trolls (along with Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” ringers) to Salon; then GG just lost his shit when then Senator Obama reauthorized FISA in August 2008; that’s when he hooked up with Hamsher to start the fatwa on that UT thing, if I remember correctly.

          But GG’s Cultists are just the worst. How do they stand the holy ecstasy coursing through their veins?

          • Scopedog

            “How do they stand the holy ecstasy coursing through their veins?”

            Good question–but I’m afraid if you ask them (or show them the list of Obama’s achievements) they may just scream and melt away or something….

            Seriously, though…Salon was a place I used to love going to. Now I avoid it like it was Pripyat. The same goes for Smirking Chimp and sadly, BartCop.

    • Scopedog

      Chez, I’m glad to hear that your mother’s surgery went well. My cousin went through a mastectomy a couple of years ago, and so far, so good–they did get it all.

      What was scary was that she was in her late 20’s.

      But she’s all right now, and has a wonderful husband and son.

      Good point about Greenwald and his acolytes. Seriously, has anyone read a recent Greenwald piece where he’s NOT screaming that President Obama is the worst human being on the face of the earth? An article where he actually criticizes the GOP as harshly as he does Obama?

  • ahottman

    Applause to you both for the great show, my husband I discussed it at length afterward. I caught the Melissa Harris-Perry article and thought it was pretty spot on. As to the Joan Walsh back and forth…I think there is a societal and cultural “habit” (for a serious lack of a better term) that is present in America today which seems to be driven either by generational acceptance or cultural evolution to either accept or deny certain language or behavior that seems acceptable to whites that is quite offensive to blacks. The “I have a black friend thing” is an example. It’s not a ticket to confirm your tolerance. It’s still pointing out the “blackness” and a “hey, I’m cool with that!” What drives this insistance of pointing out how accepting you are? Dunno.
    In my opinion MH-P is right that the President will be held to a higher standard than his predecessors. And it isn’t because of what he hasn’t accomplished (Bob read us an impressive laundry list of successeses) it’s because he’s black. And it’s because the right is shouting their crap from the mountaintops. And it’s because people can be short-sighted and ignorant. Hope and change doesn’t come overnight and as we’ve learned it doesn’t come from trying to cross the aisle and negotiate with those who will never embrace the idea of a black president. But we’re learning…

  • incredulous72

    Great show, guys. I’m always disappointed when the hour ends because I want to hear more.

    Chez, your Mom is in my prayers. I’ve gone through 2 cancer scares with my own Mom in the past 13 years and I have a set of cousins (identical twins) that are battling cancer right now . . . at the same time. When are we going to develop a shot to prevent this shit?

  • Art__VanDalay

    Excellent show gents.

  • There’s a difference between real constructive criticism and full-blown out knee capping of President Obama. While I believe President Obama could do more I’m not going to go full-out Dan Choi and move the goal post when he does something progressive. It’s becoming clear these people will do anything for views, clicks and attention, take Adam Green . Green likes to use the meme Obama should go to the bully pulpit every time he shows up on tv or radio and when President Obama does use the bully pulpit he either talks down the speech or act like the speech didn’t happen.

    The main reason I don’t like Cenk Uygur, I used to watch The Young Turks back in 2009 and early 2010 but stopped when Cenk jumped on the everything Obama does suck bandwagon. Far as I remember Cenk wasn’t that critical of Obama he spent most of the shows I watch going after Republicans and random acts of right wingers acting stupid. I believe it’s not lefty racism among the professional left these jokers want to stay relevant and stroking liberal rage just for clicks and views.

    Couple of things about the show: I love the show and I’m going back listening to it off my PSP but the thing I do miss is when you and the past co-host go on these long discussions about random nerdy things like movies. And two things for Chez 1. Here’s hoping your mom have a speedy recovery. 2. Question about dealing with Glenn Greenwald over Twitter have you experience trouble with Greenwald fanboys? I dealt with Greenwald twice over Twitter and both times his fanboys troll me for a week.

  • JMAshby

    Great show. I will be distributing it to family.

  • LK3

    I could not have said it better Mr Brink…so i ditto your comment just so Bob and Chez know.

  • Thanks for all of the glowing comments, everyone. It means more to me than I can express. Thank you. You’re the best.

    • Scopedog

      Bob, you and Chez earned these comments.

      The show was, quite frankly, the best one I’ve heard yet. It really cut to the heart of what the hell is happening in terms of the emoprogs’ attitude towards President Obama and why it is so damned self-defeating.

      Both you and Chez really delivered on this episode.

  • mrbrink

    To date, there has not been a more thorough, textured, and substantiated plea for a better understanding of the left’s bullhorn-dissent in the shadow of the Obama administration’s very liberal accomplishments.

    Bob, Chez, I’m so happy for you guys and the progress you’ve made on the show, and in your reasoning, and especially Bob for sticking with it like a pro. And for Bubble Genius’s continued faith, as well. It’s working.

    And Chez, you’ve brought to the show some of the most honest, intuitive, and fearless political commentary I’ve ever heard on the radio, raw and unfiltered.

    And some of the things you’ve contributed weeks ago are still resonating. Your recollection of 9/11 and the emotional aftermath a couple weeks ago is just one example. And today, when you brought up the idea of how a lot of people might be getting tired of the relentless march toward making Obama a one term president and could be turned off, perhaps, thinking that with President Obama out of the way, they won’t have to listen to the same hyper-partisanship that burnt out support for Al Gore in 2000. It’s called, “Obama fatigue.” Like Clinton fatigue before it, the right and left did a number on the national senses. It’s the same thing here, but evidently it’s much worse and it cannot stand. It’s like Dick Cheney insisting all along we don’t have the stomach to fight their domestic terrorism. This is the work of an army of right wing cranks and trolls who never take a day off when there’s a Democrat anywhere near power. They’ve essentially water boarded America into submission to their narrative. You said some other things, too, just as insightful. As it stands, the way you assert your position in the volleying flow of the conversation is without professional rival.

    And Bob, when you got into some of the more specific gripes of the left, like “adventurism,” or the President’s record on LGBT rights and the negative memes being produced by the so-called Progressive-left(by the way, fuck you, assholes, for inducing me to write “so-called” to describe your bullshit delusional hustle)really got to the heart of the matter in a way that finally got some where in putting a face to the disillusionment. You basically got the license plate number of the political dump truck that ran over the president’s approval rating. Good looking out. One of my first comments on this blog a few years back declared you to be a citizen soldier in the rhetorical war on reason. I stand by that today, as I have everyday since.

    But I say all this because I listen to a lot of liberal talk radio every week. Hours and hours. Well above average listeners, I would say, and I never miss a presentation of the Bob and Chez Show. I download the MP3, so, whatever, I’m not an Apple guy. Sorry, if that skews in the wrong direction whatever the web radio equivalent of the Nielsen ratings is. But what I’d like to say is this: When you’re challenging the reasoning and motives of the contemporary left, in plain language, I think it’s a testament to your unique abilities to stake out new ground on the playing field of Democracy. For too many it’s become a participatory mandate with no rules other than a 140 character point tally. But between you and me, you guys are establishing rules that have never been communicated to the cheaters in American democracy.

    Thanks, guys. And I’m pulling for your Mom, Chez. Tell her some dude on the internet said so.

  • muselet

    Chez, I’m sorry to hear about your mother. Cancer blows.

    … [H]ow can you tell any more what’s fact and what’s crap?

    My rule of thumb, for what it’s worth, is if there’s no link to a source (preferably directly to a primary source, but I’ll put up with a link to a secondary source), I assume the information is iffy. If I have to follow three or more links even to find out where the information originally came from, I assume someone’s actively lying.

    Liberals are natural contrarians.

    Yup. And like all reflexive responses, it’s not always appropriate or helpful. Mother Jones has an article that puts a useful perspective on the “just like Bush” meme:


    • The comments on the MJ piece are so typical of the Firebagging left. Also, completely annoying, and mostly spewing false talking points about the pres. gah.

      • Scopedog

        Agreed, Nicole….to put it mildly, some of those comments were full of shit. They stated bald-faced untruths, and facts? Hah! Facts were all but absent.

        Honestly, what really ticks me off about people like Turley and Greenwald (and Sirota and Lindorff for that matter) is that they continue to rain down the holy thunder on the President while leaving the Republicans untouched. When was the last time anyone read an article by Greenwald that excoriated the Republicans as harshly as he does the President?

      • muselet

        You ventured into the comments? At Mother Jones? Are you mad, woman?

        The article is worth reading. The comments are a waste of electrons.


        • Yeah, and I found myself responding to comments that were already a day old. 🙂

  • @chez……..Joan Walsh has a habit of inserting herself in to the middle of these arguments about race. Read what ABL & Matt Osborne have to say about her. IMO, your defense of her, while well intended, is not informed

    Adding…….I could kick myself for forgetting to mention your mother! I went through cancer with my Mother in 2004, and I completely empathize. My best wishes for your mom’s speedy recovery, Chez.