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RELM_buttonPosition Flexible: Kim Davis Released from Prison; Will the Same-Sex Marriage Issue Lead to a Constitutional Crisis; Trump Says Military Prep School was Better Training Than Actual Military Experience; Sarah Palin Invents Her Own Language; Palin Wants to Shut Down the Department of Energy; Joe Biden Needs to Cut the Crap; Dan Bidondi's Artificial Penises; Planned Parenthood Attacked by Terrorists; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Draxiar

    We need a “Bionic Dan Bidondi’s Bionic Italian Gun Store!” commercial.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I went to the same military academy that Trump did (not near the same time, of course). Not only is he full of shit, but my fellow alumni who served are, shall we say, not pleased with his statement.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Web page is playing the previous show, with the Kathy Bates/”Misery” intro.

  • muselet

    Puppies and young adult dogs do the same sort of thing, called Frenetic Random Activity Periods or, less formally, puppy zoomies; they tend to grow out of it. The “mad half hour” is fairly common even in adult cats, and I think I just heard Chez say a rude word. It’s just something a cat’s humans have to adapt to, and now I know Chez said something naughty.

    Late-night TV is not a welcoming place for unusual or edgy. At 12:35, sure, bring on the weird, but at 11:35 the simple and comforting does better (Leno beat Letterman most nights). I have no idea what expectations CBS has for Stephen Colbert, but I hope they don’t include winning the night, night after night.

    In today’s top-of-podcast rant, Dan Savage put his two cents in on the Kim Davis story and said her only motivation was getting on the wingnut gravy train. I’m not so sure. I think she really believes every word she says. She believes she’s following Gawd’s Will!, she believes she’s On The Right Side Of History, she believes she doesn’t hate gays. She’s dead wrong on at least two of those counts, of course, but that doesn’t matter. What she really, really, really believes is that she’s a martyr—excuse me, A Martyr—for her religion. Any fame and/or fortune that comes her way as a result of her wrong-headedness will come as a (welcome) surprise to her. (If I’m wrong and Davis ends up with her own multimedia Talibangelical empire, I’ll put my hand up.)

    Bob, Westboro Baptist Church would protest the Second Coming.

    Stick a red rubber nose on Mike Huckabee and you couldn’t tell him from Bozo (ask your parents, kids).

    The emphasis on Kim Davis being a Democrat is so the theocrats can claim Obergefell v. Hodges is such an egregiously terrible ruling that even some of them godless Democrats won’t follow it (this isn’t partisan, no no, not at all, this is all about religious freedom and how dare you suggest otherwise).

    I’m sure Liberty Counsel would be more than happy to precipitate a constitutional crisis, and I’m sure there are state legislatures which would be more than happy to play a role in it. The big question is, what will the Supremes do if it does come to that?

    Righties have decided Marbury v. Madison was wrongly decided. Judicial review? The Supreme Court having ultimate authority to decide the constitutionality of a law? They don’t like those things because they won’t always win, so they have decided simply to ignore those decisions they don’t like. It’s led to all manner to crazy legal theorizing, like the notion that county sheriffs are the ultimate constitutional authority in the United States (they aren’t), and that Kim Davis broke no laws and violated no institutional authority (she did).

    Again, what will the Supremes do if things get too out of hand? From a pure, detached, unemotional point of view, that will be absolutely fascinating to watch.

    Chez, it was “a third-rate radio announcer.” Get your Trumpisms straight.

    It’ll be a yooge, classy, luxurious book!

    Donald Trump as a performance artist? Not really. He has too much of a history as a loudmouthed arsehole to pull that off. On the other hand, he is basically running for President on a lark. He’s no more serious about it than Pat Paulsen was (ask your parents, kids), the difference being that Paulsen was funny.

    Before you guys slit your wrists, remember that Trump is polling at <30% among Rs.

    Sarah Palin as Secretary of Energy. Holy crap. She said she only wanted the gig so she could shut the department down, but as Kevin Drum rightly points out, “… departments don’t matter. Functions matter, and they just go somewehre else if their department is eliminated. Unless a presidential candidate is willing to specify exactly which functions they want to defund, they aren’t serious. They’re just hawking snake oil to the rubes.”

    Bob, you know perfectly well Palin would get to about page 30 of Speak American, Doggone It! and quit.

    Joe Biden isn’t running. He’s raised no money and has no staff. Exactly what he is doing I have no idea, but I’m sure Hillary Clinton has his mobile number in her contacts, as does Bernie Sanders, so presumably they could stop this nonsense quickly enough.

    Dan Bidondi is a simpleton. The fact that someone like him can legally own firearms is frankly terrifying.


  • josephebacon

    This is Palin’s idea of foreign policy…

  • Victor the Crab

    This is how I would picture it would go for Dan Bidondi if he tried to blow up an abortion clinic:

  • Dan Bidondi says he hopes somebody bombs Planned Parenthood; Planned Parenthood gets bombed; and so when can we expect the FBI to ask Mr Bidondi for his phone records and the receipts from all of his many subscribers/listeners/donors? Among all the truly shitty things we’ve let ourselves in for post-9/11, can’t we at least let the feds take a good hard look to see if there are any good old-fashioned dots that can be connected?