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The Bubble Genius Bob & [Blank] Show 7/1/11

BUMPED. Elvis Has Quit the Show; The Future of the Podcast; Chez Pazienza ( About Being Fired from CNN, Blogging About Reality and Divorce; Cable News Wrong Again About the President and the Economy; Mark Halperin Suspended for Calling the President a Dick; NBC Predator Catcher Chris Hanson Caught Cheating on Camera; and more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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Bubble Genius

  • iTunes or a 35mb download. wow. what a choice. thanks for nothing.

  • mrbrink

    All I can really say is… Elvis is a literary genius. Still. An original. There is no doppelgänger because I’m pretty certain Elvis destroyed it to appease whatever Zoltar machine granted him the ability to sculpt colorful asexual balloon animals out of mankind’s bullshit story.

    The fucked up state of acceptable realities needs someone like Elvis grabbing the esophageal airways of parading human goo.

    The nature and appallingly fucked up state of acceptable realities is getting off easy.

  • galileo126

    Wow – Elvis has left the building…. Total bummer, but the show must go on! I will definitely miss Elvis… especially when to used to say “I love me some….” and a sarcastic comment would follow.

    Bob, Chez was pretty cool on your show. I’ll chalk up the fact he was new to Bob & _____ that he went totally personal about his life. But, at the same time, Chez has got the fire in his belly. I like that.

    Anyway, Bob, I hope you continue the Bob-show. While I respect Mr. Dingledean’s decision, I will really miss the interplay between you both! Thursday lunchtime (on the Left Coast) just won’t be the same anymore.
    Now I have to go back to work @ NASA without Elvis’s commentary – and brave the shitbags who are (a) too stupid to fly a rocket, and (b) too smart enough to get a gov’t job.

    Lord help us.

    Rock on, Bob!

    – Galileo126

  • ahottman

    I love you Bob, believe me I do! You are goddamn AWESOME! But I have me the most serious crush on Elvis…keeps me up at night crush on Elvis. Just drove from CA to MA and in Nebraska searched out me some Farm of Doom to no avail. But Bob 0n a bike gives me the goosebumps and Chez with his face imposed on a centaur ala ARod style gives me chills as well so love you both and will keep listening….you guys keep me sane. We shall all keep drinking and listening to sanity at least once a week…keep it up you awesome folks, we’ll keep listening!

  • Kaha

    I like to echo everyone’s sentiment. I really like the show and look forward to it every week. I loved the banter between Bob and Elvis. I’ve tremendously enjoyed Elvis’s epic rants. I was looking forward to his commentary from Iowa. Alas, it was not meant to be.

    For huge fans of the show like me, it’s a huge disappointment that Elvis has left the show. But I guess he has to concentrate on his family and what’s best for them. My best wishes for him and his family.

    Finally, Bob, good show last night. And I’ve enjoyed Chez Pazienza’s guest appearance. Maybe he’ll be a regular and maybe Elvis, will make guest appearances!!

  • spoon_unit

    I loved Elvis on the podcast, and I’ll miss his uniquely fervent commentary. But I’m a huge fan of Chez’s blog, so this was supersweet kickass for me: my two favorite bloggers in one place. I vote for the Bob and Chez show!

  • Zen Diesel

    Truly sadden by the recent turn of events, loved Elvis scifi geekiness. However, the show must go on. I enjoyed today’s guest host.

  • I vote for “Bob Cesca’s Awesome Podcast”.

    Adding…. “Chez as Ashton Kutcher” bwahahaha 🙂

  • incredulous72

    “First the Fat Boyz break up, now this. Ain’t nuthin’ to believe in no more.”

    I’m truly, deeply sad.

    Updated: Chez did a great job. 😉

  • muselet

    No Elvis? No Elvis? Oh, cock (as James May is wont to say—and it doesn’t mean what you’re thinking, so stop giggling).

    Bob, you’re the brains of the outfit, but Elvis was the soul of the show. And no offense intended to Chez, either—heck, the boy done a fine job—but Elvis is a hard act to follow.


  • The_Dork_Knight

    Agreed. Bob, make him come back. Just refuse to accept his resegnation. That should work.

    • The_Dork_Knight

      Hell yeah. Just go all Anni Wilkes on him. Break his knee caps, tie him to the bed and make him do the show. After all, I am his biggest fan… *evil grin*

  • WendyTN

    I will miss Elvis! I used to send all of his posts to my dad because they would have me laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. The one he did last year about the Halloween costumes had me crying it was so funny.
    That said I like Chez too. I’m always partial to a sarcastic smart ass.. I hope you keep up the podcasts though Bob. They brighten up the work day.

    • JackDaniel07

      hahahaHAAHAHAH the Halloween post WAS brilliant – thx for the reminder!

  • I haz a sad that Elvis is gone. But I enjoyed Chez guest appearance. BTW, I like Ahmed’s shows on DIY! When I go to the hardware store, I’m always looking for him so he can redo my yard. Think you can hook me up? LOL

    • I love Ahmed’s show! HGTV addict here. 🙂

  • Clancy

    Not liking recent developments. . .

  • The_Dork_Knight

    Nooo! I liked Elvis… he would often flip his shit and it was always smart and epic and funny… *shakes fist*

  • JackDaniel07

    F**k I hope that first teaser is a joke