The Committee to Reopen the Economy or (Probably) Die Trying

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump has announced who will sit on his committee for reopening the economy and I know this will shock you, but none of the names are good.

The committee includes a short list of people who've enabled all of Trump's worst economic policies including his global trade war and it will be led by the former chairman of the Flying Monkey Caucus, Mark Meadows.

Among those expected to be part of the new team: Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and White House economic advisers, past and present, Kevin Hassett and Larry Kudlow. New White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is expected to chair the effort.

Between these men, the only time they have ever been right about anything is by accident.

Steve Mnuchin picked a fight with a teenage climate activist and he still says the tax cuts are paying for themselves. Wilbur Ross took a "victory lap" and said the coronavirus would be good news for America because it would bring jobs back from China. Ben Carson installed his family and friends at HUD and then spent agency funds to redecorate his office. Kevin Hasset said being furloughed because of Trump's government shutdown is like a free vacation. Larry Kudlow said the coronavirus was "contained" under an "airtight" lid in late February.

This is not a committee for diligently guiding a safe, gradual reopening the economy. This is a loyalist committee for blowing smoke up Trump's ass with Happy Talk.

The death toll if this committee's advice is followed to the letter will almost certainly be greater than zero.

  • muselet

    “We have the best people in every profession, including medical and including political,” Trump told reporters. “We have a political group, too, a lot of great politicians … Well, some are great, some aren’t so great, but I put ’em on anyway.”

    Since the “best people” on the political side are a mix of the great and the not so great—scoundrels, grifters and fools, mostly—I look forward with trepidation to finding out who will be recruited on the medical side. Does Harold Bornstein, he of the “astonishingly excellent health” letter, still have a medical license?

    On the plus side, Jared and Ivanka aren’t (directly) involved, though I for one am sure they’ll manage to have a quick word with Trump in private.


  • b2blog

    I’ve gone from worrying about the virus to worrying about the F-ups. This has NO confidence in anything the Federal government is doing. Down to staff on the LA hospital ship positive, I just read. Just a freakin mess.

  • gescove

    Trump convenes only the best brain trusts. Thank goodness that states with sentient leadership are organizing to push back on this numbskullery.