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JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Kevin Siers)

In other news, officials who spoke to Bloomberg say special prosecutor Robert Mueller will release his findings relatively soon after the midterm election, but no one else has confirmed this yet.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is slow-walking his own plan to kick people off Medicaid because he's afraid it will cost him the election. No shit?

Finally, the Trump regime is replacing the Interior Department's inspector general with a political appointee at a time when Secretary Ryan Zinke is under multiple investigations. Nothing to see here!

  • Badgerite

    The Washington Post has posted Jamal Khashoggi’s last article for them. It is a wonderful article. He was a deeply intelligent and thoughtful man and he was saying things that the Arab world needed to hear. His death is a loss to all.
    And his killing cannot be swept under the rug. He was a Muslim. Who understood and valued freedom and human dignity more than a Stephen Miller or ever will. If there is anyone who lived in America who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize it is him. Posthumously.

    • My heart goes out to his fiance and his colleagues at the Washington Post. I think, in the end, all the noise from Senators about punishing Saudi Arabia for this will come to nothing.

      • Badgerite

        Very much so.

      • Scopedog

        I’m afraid you may be right.

  • Badgerite

    Crooks and accomplices to murder in the White House. What could go wrong.

    • Scopedog

      But her emails, remember?

  • Aynwrong

    I honestly don’t understand how people continue to vote for creatures like Scott Walker when he and the GOP have all but taken out ads on billboards declaring their intention to cut (destroy) Medicare and Social Security. I believe that R voters realize this but are for some reason to willing to look the other way so long as they have the thinnest of plausible deniability to cling to. The only question I have about it is if it’s some kind of cognitive dissonance or just plain cynicism.

    • swift_4

      Confirmation bias. They literally do not perceive what the Republicans are saying. They will not hear it, or not understand it, or deflect it as “just politics. They won’t actually do it.”

    • Badgerite

      Actually I don’t think they are particularly well informed. Sean Duffy ran initially chopping wood with an ax ( he never did any such thing in his life ) just like he was going to ‘chop’ down the deficit and the federal debt. It didn’t seem to matter that Bush tax cuts had run up the deficit and the federal debt. And now he seems to have developed amnesia about that very issue to vote for every budget busting tax cut for the wealthy that Ryan and McConnell can come up with. And not a whisper of this in the press. Or in the minds of his voters. I don’t think he does any debates. He is in a district that was reconfigured to leave off a city with a University of Wisconsin campus so as to make his seat secure. He did ads way back when with his mom who benefits from Medicare and Social Security but never breathes a word of his party’s agenda on that score.
      Tony Evers is ahead right now. I think because Walker gets the blame for the policies that have devastated rural schools and infrastructure, and left that state unable to attract teachers to the area or to the profession.
      But Sean Duffy just seems to vote as they tell him to and pick up the paycheck while enjoying the best healthcare the voters tax dollars can provide. And no one seems to notice that he will vote in lock step with the party that wants to devastate their healthcare and their retirement. To get people to vote against their own interest you have to “go low”. He doesn’t have to do that personally. People at the top of his party and elsewhere do that for him. And he apparently benefits. It is assumed he will hate all the people they hate for no particular reason. The real identity politics is going on in the gop. They just don’t admit it.