The Dick Endorses Paul Ryan

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has apparently revised his previous viewpoint that "deficits don't matter," as he is now saying it's "time to get serious" about the nation's fiscal problems.

Following his keynote address at the KPMG Global Energy Institute conference in Houston, Cheney issued a resounding endorsement of Republican budget-wizard Paul Ryan and his plans to kill Medicare.

“I worship the ground the Paul Ryan walks on,” Cheney said Wednesday at a Houston event hosted by the KPMG Global Energy Institute. “I think he’s an enormously talented individual and he’s trying to do the right thing. And he deserves the support, all the support we can provide him.”

“We need to get serious about dealing with [our] debt problem,” the former vice president explained.

Short of being endorsed by the Four Horsemen, an endorsement from Dick Cheney is the next best thing.

While an endorsement by the Fifth Horsemen himself may shore up support among longtime, self-identified Republicans, I can't see it helping among the rest of the voting population. And if I'm Paul Ryan right now, I have to be questioning whether or not I should welcome the kiss of death.