Conspiracy Theory

The Dumbest Conspiracy Theorists Are Running for Office Now

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Plenty of Republicans have run for office while espousing conspiracy theories about the Obama administration or the United Nations, but the next generation of conspiracy theorists are running office on platforms that are dumber than anything you could could ever imagine.

The Daily Beast reports that the only Republican running for Congress in Florida's 5th congressional district is a believer in QAnon.

Matthew Lusk, a Florida bookseller who launched his House campaign for Florida’s 5th congressional district last month, appears to be the first QAnon follower to run for federal office. His candidacy was first reported by Florida Politics, a state politics blog. According to FEC registrations, he is currently the only Republican in the contest to run in the general election against, in all likelihood, Rep. Al Lawson (D-FL).

Lusk told The Daily Beast that he’s not a “brainwashed cult member.” Still, he thinks the online posts that have made up QAnon since October 2017 are a “legitimate something.”

If you're not familiar, "QAnon" is a belief that Donald Trump is waging a campaign against a global cult of pedophiles who secretly run the world. You know, kind of like the Illuminati, but creepier. They believe that Pizza-gate -- the idea that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the basement of a Washington pizza parlor that has no basement -- was just one example of this global conspiracy.

Followers of QAnon believe this information is being handed to them by a person or group of persons within the federal government known as Q (Q Anonymous, or QAnon), but this conspiracy theory originally appeared on the shit-posting hellhole known as 4Chan before it migrated to Reddit. Now, you may occasionally see QAnon t-shirts and posters show up at Trump's unhinged klan rallies.

Someone with this little ability to recognize a fantasy when they see one has no business even being a public librarian, much less a member of Congress.

  • Badgerite

    QAnon is the next Alex Jones. There always seems to be another one waiting in the wings.
    Ironic. Like these fffffers care about children. They want to save some children they might want to start with DHS and the children of asylum seekers living in cages. trump literally cages children and they are fine with it. FFFF them.

  • katanahamon

    Dems need to carry a recording playback device at all times with the Access Hollywood pussygrabbing tape, and numerous examples of Rump’s lies. Then, when questioned, follow the a Republican playbook, change the topic and say “gee, what about this….” and play numerous examples of Rump lying or making an ass of himself. Maybe we can fight the double standard then, instead of responding to their constant lies and attacks…

    • Christopher Foxx

      You mean the Dems would actually have to consistently call the Repubs out on their lunacies and lies? Only slightly better chance of that than the Repubs stop being assholes.

  • muselet

    QAnon is a “legitimate something”? Jesus wept.

    Peak Wingnut is a myth and the barrel has no bottom.