President Obama

The Era of Reaganomics is Over

More confirmation from the New York Times of the president's State of the Union tomorrow and its pitch for ending the era of Reaganomics.

WASHINGTON — President Obama will use his election-year State of the Union address on Tuesday to argue that it is government’s role to promote a prosperous and equitable society, drawing a stark contrast between the parties in a time of deep economic uncertainty.

This president will, once again, declare an end to Reagan's "government is the problem" mindset in politics (though I'm sure he won't say the word "Reaganomics"). After 30 years, it's coming to a close, but only after infecting the Democratic Party as well. For instance:

Mr. Obama’s third State of the Union address is widely seen in parallel with the one delivered in 1996 by President Bill Clinton. Mr. Clinton likewise was seeking re-election, after voters in the midterm elections had put Republicans in power in Congress as a rebuke to his perceived big-government liberalism.

But Mr. Clinton sought to co-opt Republicans’ small-government message; his State of the Union line “the era of big government is over” is among the most memorable of his presidency.

This address ought to be a rallying point for progressives. I hope everyone is paying attention because, at long last, we have a president who is vocally defending liberalism on a national stage rather than running away from it as President Clinton and other Democrats have for too long.

UPDATE: Here's the president.

  • Well, he’s not done much of anything progressive so far, has he, despite his many lofty speeches.

    • Ever heard of Congress? You know, the branch that actually writes laws?

      Signing repeal of DADT not progressive? No out-of-pocket for birth control not progressive? Saving GM not progressive? The numerous EOs signed to bypass the do-nothing congress to spur job growth not progressive? Benefits to same-sex spouses of federal employees not progressive? Etc..

      Yeah, you’re right.

      • villemar

        “Just another speech” is just another talking point for lazy nihilistic hipsters that generally don’t understand (or are to lazy to understand) that we have 3 branches of government. But, it’s trendy to blame all the problems of the world on the feet of PBO. After all, why should all of the bucktoothed, inbred, backwards-assed, shitkicking Neoconfederate America-hating radical far-right retards have all the fun??

    • Not very informed, Morris.

      In spite of your smug, self-aware, lofty little comment.

      Adding………let me guess……you’re a Paul supporter?

  • Clearly thirty years of Reagonomics and the messaging behind it can be defeated in three short years.

    • villemar

      Obama was wrong in not using Magic. I wasted my vote in 2008, fuck that guy!

  • MarshallLucky

    A heaping helping of focus group populism with a side of centrist fluff. Clearly thirty years of pervasive Republican messaging will crumble in the face of such fiery rhetoric.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. Just another typical emoprog talking point that means absolutely nothing.

  • Fred Wilder

    I’ll believe Obama is progressive when I see him do something progressive, until then he’s just another DLC Clintonian centrist who is more interested in triangulation than in leadership.

    • You’re blind.

    • Robert Scalzi

      I’ll believe that you’re not an Ostrich when you pull your head out of the sand……

      • D_C_Wilson

        I don’t think it’s in the sand.

    • villemar

      Your indignation is trendy.

      • ranger11

        And being trendy is important to certain sectors of my beloved online progressive movement.

      • Exactly. Typical emoprog sheep.

    • ranger11

      You’re fucking nuts. You have no idea what the Clinton years were like. Troll firebagging asshole!

    • villemar

      Go pound sand, dipshit.

      Don’t forget to write in Ron Paul in November. Because he is made of Magic.

    • You’re a dumbass.