The Final Days

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Chris Britt)

In other news, state officials say an audit of Georgia's election found no evidence of fraud or tampering with voting machines. The state's recount may be finalized as soon as tomorrow and will not change the outcome.

Meanwhile, hospital systems are moving to ration access to anti-body treatments for COVID-19 because of overwhelming demand as hospitalizations pile up.

Finally, Trump has order a troop reduction in Iraq and Afghanistan that will be due just days before Biden's inauguration.

Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller announced the decision Tuesday at the Pentagon. The order would reduce troops from about 4,500 in Afghanistan and from about 3,000 in Iraq less than a week before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

“We will finish this generational war and bring our men and women home,” Miller, who replaced fired Secretary Mark Esper this month, told reporters at the Pentagon. The acting secretary, declining to take questions on the policy, left after reading a statement.

On one hand, bringing more men and women home is good. On the other hand, it appears Trump is undertaking this at the very last minute for own his vanity, not because it's a carefully assessed policy. This likely contributed to Esper's firing, for better or worse.

I just want to point out that Trump increased our overall presence in the region when he ordered 10,000 troops into the area to protect the poor, innocent Saudis, so this reduction is a wash.

  • Aynwrong

    Of course they haven’t.

    Of course they are.

    Of course he did.

    We’re all just waiting on Biden now. Just as we were all once waiting on Obama.

  • muselet

    • Golly gee, what a surprise. You could knock me over with a proverbial.

    • We will be lucky not to have the healthcare system in this country collapse during the second wave.

    • Withdrawing from a forever war isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but—as with comedy—timing is the important thing. Once again, the outgoing administration is creating a problem the Rs can pin on the Biden administration (”Afghanistan and Iraq were just fine until the Ds took office!”) Tiresome, it is.

    • I don’t know if anyone hasn’t seen this ad by now, but I think it’s utterly brilliant. Who knew the Germans could do tongue-in-cheek?