Koch Brothers

The Fox Wants to Guard the Hen House

Charles Koch is turning over a new leaf, or at least he'd like you to think so.

The Koch Brother known for his expansive role in manipulating legislation and policy with his deep pockets now says he wants to fix a "rigged" economy that he personally helped to rig.

Why the public change of heart? I believe it's quite simple.

Koch, in a telephone interview with The Associated Press, described Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton as part of personality politics at its worst. He said that's why neither he nor the political and policy groups he controls are playing much of a role in the presidential election. Instead, in an unusual strategy, the ads will be paid for by his private company, Koch Industries. [...]

While the Kochs have supported most of the previous GOP presidential nominees, they have a far less favorable view of Trump. A billionaire himself, Trump wrote on Twitter last year that most of his GOP rivals were "puppets" of the Kochs.

There isn't a single shred of doubt in my mind that if Republicans had nominated someone like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, Charles Koch would not be searching his soul while declaring that Both Sides are the Same.

Charles Koch is not your friend nor will he ever be. The Koch Brothers have funded the campaigns of a wide variety of terrible legislators across the country who've rigged the system in their own favor, from gerrymandering congressional district to passing "Right to Work" laws. It stands to reason that none of us would even know who Scott Walker or Paul Ryan is if not for the Kochs.

The Kochs have funded astroturf campaigns against reasonable environmental and economic regulation. They bankrolled the Tea Party.

The Kochs are just as responsible for creating the Trump candidacy as anyone is. They can't wash their hands of it.

  • muselet

    Oh, yes, I’m sure Charles Koch is just heartbroken over the plight of the poor. A real humanitarian, that one.

    Pull the other one, Chuckie, it’s got bells on.