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"I want everyone to have a pot of gold and move to a leprechaun economy."

Artist - Rob Tornoe

Still laughing.

In other news, Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is going right for the "Romneycare' jugular, and so far only 20 out of 1000 welfare-recipients (2%) have failed their drug tests in the state of Florida. The other 98% who passed their test must be reimbursed by the state, costing taxpayers money.

Have any more brilliant ideas Mister Scott? If you do, keep them to yourself.

Also, why are so many GOP shit-kickers named "Rick?"

  • ari rutenberg

    Rick Scott isn’t stupid, though he does play it well. He knows people on any form of assistance are not more likely to be drug addicts than normal citizens and he certainly knew that the vast majority would pass and have to be reimbursed. And that’s the point. He comes out of the drug testing world, so by guaranteeing that the state would have to pay for all those unnecessary tests, Rick Scott was lining the pockets of his cronies.

    Sad that in America in 2011, the Governor of a major state is willing to look like a prejudiced and unfair idiot on the national stage (not to mention abusing the already downtrodden) to make sure his friends get paid.

  • Robert Burns

    “…and so far only 20 out of 1000 welfare-recipients (2%) have failed their drug tests in the state of Florida. ”

    In related news, a study has shown that 53% of Florida lawmakers would fail a drug test if the law required one.

    (I made that last point up, but I bet the number would exceed 2%.)

  • ShitMcFuckensteinAVC

    My parents didn’t let me watch The Simpsons.

  • Why are so many GOP shit-kickers named “Rick?” Because it rhymes with “prick.”

    • Actually I think it’s because most of them are really “Dicks”. Cheney, Perry, Scott, Santorum and even Warren all belong to the Penisaurus Erectus sub species.

      • incredulous72

        More like flacid sub species. 😉

    • incredulous72


    • Also, too, if you’re name is Richard and you don’t want to be called “Dick” (like Nixon), you have to start calling yourself Rick, right? BTW, just occurred since we have all these Ricks on the Right, does that mean we’re being “Rickrolled”?

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  • That is an insult to the Crazy Cat Lady.

    Funny as shit, too. 🙂

    • Clancy

      Bob, I came into the comment section the say the very same thing.

    • muselet

      Agreed. She makes much more sense than Michele Bachmann ever has.

      Oh, and for future reference, her name is Eleanor Abernathy. (Why, yes, I am a geek. Why do you ask?)


  • There are related reports that FL “welfare” claims have gone down – maybe due to junkies afraid of the tests…but it still doesn’t say how they will now make ends meet…