The GOP Convention is Broke Because Their Ticket is So Offensive

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Organizers for the Republican convention, which begins in just a few days, are reportedly out of money and they're begging conservative mega-donor and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson to bail them out.

How could this happen?

In a letter to the Adelsons, obtained by POLITICO, the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee revealed the names of more than two dozen prominent corporations and individuals who have reneged on a collective $8.1 million in pledged donations. [...]

It goes on to list the companies and wealthy individuals who have withdrawn their financial commitments. Among those who have canceled their donations, according to the letter, are David Koch ($1 million), FedEx ($500,000), Visa ($100,000), Pepsi ($500,000) and Coca-Cola ($1 million).

Corporations and businesses that would ordinarily support both party conventions in a bipartisan fashion do not want their names displayed anywhere near Donald Trump.

And who could blame them? The Republican presidential nominee has managed to offend virtually every customer demographic these corporations depend on for business.

They're criminals and rapists, Trump says. They should be banned from the country, right?

Moreover, the official Republican party platform adopted this week is a pile of hot garbage that endorses gay conversion therapy and supports a ban on transgender bathroom use. It also opposes gay marriage and all forms of gun control. And that's barely scratching the surface. Every single plank of the social conservative movement was included in this cycle's platform because Trump simply doesn't care. There was no commanding voice of moderation in the room that cares about electability.

  • muselet

    Maybe the RNC can save some money by having a quick whip-round and hiring the nearest Chuck E. Cheese location for the convention.

    I think Donald Trump’s supporters would really like the ball pit.


    • Aynwrong

      Newt Gingrich can play Chuck E. He wouldn’t even need a costume.

  • Why doesn’t Trump foot the bill? After all, he’s a multi-billionaire, right??

  • Badgerite

    Tim Tebow is not going to speak and neither apparently is Jared Kushner’s Rabbi. They should really stop putting out names of people who are going to speak who then, later, say that they will not be speaking at the convention. It looks very, how shall we say,,,,,Trumpy. (What a fine civilization they would build.)

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Yea, but about half the country is going to vote fore him anyway.

    • Aynwrong

      Exactly. If Hillary wins it will not be by some historic landslide. I think the best we can hope for is to keep a Democrat in the White House as firewall against the madness and then use this election as proof of what the GOP was prepared to accept in the White House. Hang Trump as an albatross around the GOP’s neck and overtime (hopefully) demography will do the necessary leg work.

      • Username1016

        Prediction: Hillary will win by a historic landslide.

        • Aynwrong

          We’ll see. I won’t be complaining if you’re right.