The GOP’s First Hearing on Minimum Wage in 8 Years Was Canceled

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives for eight years, but during that time they haven't held a single hearing on minimum wage.

The GOP's very first hearing on minimum wage in a nearly a decade was scheduled to take place today, but the hearing was abruptly canceled for reasons that are beyond parody.

As it turns out, one of the GOP's key witnesses who was going to speak against raising wages has called for imposing taxes on gay people.

The House Education and the Workforce Committee postponed a hearing scheduled for today on the economic consequences of a $15 hourly minimum wage after homophobic and sexist blog posts surfaced that were penned by one of the Republican witnesses, San Diego State University economist Joseph Sabia. In a 2002 post published on his personal column "No Shades of Gray" (which has since been taken down but can be accessed through the Wayback Machine, an internet archive) Sabia suggested the idea to “tax and regulate homosexual acts.”

I do not recommend reading it for yourself, but Sabia's 2002 post is actually worse than Politico's description makes it sound.

In his essay, or whatever you want to call it, he said Republicans should respond to taxes on junk food -- big gulps and cheeseburgers -- by imposing taxes on gay people because gay people are responsible for worse health outcomes than junk food is.

This was going to be one of the GOP's witnesses against raising the federal minimum wage, but I suppose that's not necessarily surprising. What I can't figure out is how this man became an economist for San Diego State University. He may not be for much longer once word of this spreads on campus.

  • muselet

    One does not have to be a good person to be talented in a specific profession and/or a gifted teacher. It sounds a lot like Joseph Sabia is an excellent example of that.

    I’m only surprised that Congressional Rs didn’t handwave Sabia’s blog post away and hold the hearing anyway.


    • True, since they’re perfectly okay with a Republican President committing felonies. Handwaving a teeny thing like a profoundly bigoted and offensive essay from a Republican Economist is nothing!

  • Draxiar

    I want to know how he would enforce such a tax.

    • muselet

      I don’t.