The Great Wall

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Tim Eagan)

In other news, Rand Paul has reiterated his opposition to both birthright citizenship and so-called Dreamers. He said this in Haiti rather than at the Iowa State Fair so I don't know if he'll see a poll bump.

Meanwhile, Bobby Jindal warns us that President Obama's non-existent education standards will turn America into a nation of victims. Maybe just 47 Percent of us.

And finally, 63 percent of Wisconsinites disapprove of Scott Walker's decision to run for president. I'd imagine so since he trashed the state in the name of running for president.

Programming note... I may be late and/or absent tomorrow as I have some errands to attend to.

  • McKinley

    Do conservatives think things through? Abolishing birthright citizenship may likely lead to one of their deepest fears – a Federal ID Card. At least for women. Because all mothers will be forced to provide proof of their citizenship when applying for a birth certificate for their newborn baby.

    Then again, since this will only affect women, conservatives won’t care.

  • Badgerite

    And —-

  • Badgerite

    There but for the grace of God. Mine came over in 1851 and 1893. We are a nation of immigrants. And those immigrants have always made this country a better place precisely because they upend the apple cart. Immigrant populations and their children fought and died to upend the peculiar institution of slavery in this country. They provided the overwhelming majority of the bodies in the Union Army. They fought and died so that the lands they came to settle would enter the Union as free states.
    They upend the apple cart precisely because they do not start out in life with a cool $200 million.
    They always have to fight for a better life and to make America live up to its promise.
    F the Donald, his pancake makeup and his stupid hair.

  • Badgerite