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The Headless Horseman


Artist — Kevin Siers

Union-made Trick or Treat candy in America covers just about all of my favorites.

And Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, ‘Doctor Sleep,’ has been the #1 Bestseller four weeks running. Danny Torrance is all grown up and he’s still Shining.

R.I.P Lou Reed.

  • muselet

    Also, R.I.P. Marcia Wallace.


    • Razib_Taif1

      Alopecia? Don’t get the reference to non-fatal hair loss….

      • muselet

        It’s not a comment on Marcia Wallace.

        I started commenting here years ago under the screen name “alopecia” (male pattern baldness and self-deprecating humor is a dangerous combination). When Bob changed to the Disqus comments platform, “alopecia” was already taken, so I started using it in a signature line.

        Boring story, really.


    • JozefAL

      Oy. That’s the first I’d heard about it. It’s a pity that “The Simpsons” is on an unwanted hiatus while Fox is running that abominable World Series garbage but I suppose when it comes back, Matt and the rest of the crew will dedicate the episode to Marcia, the voice of Edna Krabappel (Bart’s long-suffering teacher/adversary).

      Edit: Doing a little checking, I found out that the show intends to retire the character rather than recast (much as they did by retiring the character of Troy McClure, following the death of Phil Hartman who’d voiced the character). I just wonder how the show will handle the Flanders aspect–Edna married Ned Flanders on the show just 2 years ago. And the Flanders are the Simpsons’ next-door neighbors. A schoolteacher for Bart’s class can be fairly easily replaced; Ned’s being widowed (for the second time) is going to be a bit tougher to deal with.