Marijuana Open Thread Weather

The High Over Colorado

I’m allowed at least one weed joke.


Artist – Joe Heller

In all seriousness, a significant portion of the nation will see temperatures anywhere from -10 to -30 below zero between tomorrow and early next week. Some areas of the upper Midwest may see windchills of -50 to -60 below zero. If you know anyone who doesn’t have adequate shelter or heating, check on them.

“It’s snowing! In Winter! Where’s the global warming?” -Sean Hannity

  • Robert Scalzi

    Ummmm then when will it snow in the Sierra Nevadas ?? Driest year on record EVER in California. temps in teh 50s for three weeks in Truckee. no cold or precip on the horizon – screw you Hannity

    • It’s been dry in AZ too…the annual Monsoons have been incredibly mild and sparse the last two years. The temp is routinely higher too. Of course that just means more “snow birds” will flock to AZ to winter here making Phoenix even more of a nightmare to live in.

  • Badgerite

    Computer models of global warming predict that Western Europe would go into a deep freeze similar to conditions in Siberia. Global warming does not mean warming everywhere on the globe. Maybe they should coin a new phrase like CO2 Emission Caused Climate Change and Weather Extremes. Or something.

  • zirgar

    It’s always Winter with Hannity since his brain is in perpetual hibernation.