‘The Lowest Level of Support in Decades’

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

A new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll has found that the GOP tax cut bill has the lowest level of support of any major piece of legislation passed in the last 30 years.

A new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds just 32% support the GOP tax plan; 48% oppose it. That's the lowest level of public support for any major piece of legislation enacted in the past three decades, including the Affordable Care Act in 2009.

Americans are skeptical of the fundamental arguments Republicans have made in selling the bill: A 53% majority of those surveyed predict their own families won't pay lower taxes as a result of the measure, and an equal 53% say it won't help the economy in a major way.

Not surprisingly, the poll did find that a majority of self-identified Republicans feel pretty good about the tax bill, but their other results show that many of them don't really know what's in it.

That may work for the Republican party right now when the details of the plan are still somewhat nebulous, but what about a year from now? What about three years from now? Eventually, people are going to notice that things either haven't changed or have become considerably worse. They'll notice when it arrives on their own doorstep or in their mailbox.

The Bush Tax cuts were far more popular until they weren't.

Ten years from now I imagine we'll see future Republicans talk about today's Republicans spending too much money just like they did after the Bush administration. And then they'll do it all over again after a Democrat cleans it up.

  • muselet

    Eventually, people are going to notice that things either haven’t changed or have become considerably worse.

    And yet, they’ll continue to vote R because R policies will hurt those people more than they hurt Realmurcans!


    • JMAshby

      Certainly true for a significant number of people, but I think there’s a floor (or ceiling) there. Tens of millions of people voted for John McCain even after Bush wrecked everything, but he was still crushed. Trump won by less than 80,000 votes. We don’t need ten million people to change their minds, we only need about 100,000. It’s an achievable goal.

      • muselet

        Agreed, but the presidency isn’t everything. Control of Congress is at least as important, and that’s a big ask.

        I don’t envy the politicians—largely Ds—who will have to clean up the mess made by the current crop.


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