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The New Republican Scam to Steal Elections

The plan calls for electoral votes to be distributed based on the percentage of the popular vote statewide. So if Chris Christie gets 60 percent of the vote in Pennsylvania and Hillary Clinton gets 40 percent, they’ll split the electoral votes accordingly, and the winner will get an additional two bonus electoral votes.

If the New Republican Plan had been in effect in 2012, Mitt Romney would have received 8 of Pennsylvania’ 20 electoral votes, despite losing the state by a substantial margin.

The problem with the New Republican Plan is that it would only be enacted in blue states such as Pennsylvania — the Democratic candidate for presidential won Pennsylvania in every single election for the past two decades — while red states would continue to award all of their electoral votes to the Republican. Thus, the plan gives away Democratic votes to the Republican for free, while letting the Republican candidate keep all the votes they earn legitimately in other states

Of course. You won’t see this in Texas — until it becomes competitive for Democratic presidential candidates (stand by for news on that front, by the way).

Incidentally, Paul Ryan came out against the electoral vote plot yesterday.

  • I’ve read somewhere that a lot of state legislators are balking at this. If congressional districts determine electoral outcomes, then a lot of state legislative districts get targeted even more by Democratic (and even some Republican) organizers and activists. Some folks have cruised for years because their district has been written off as non-competitive at the Congressional level, and the state legislators on the ballot below have been the beneficiary. This changes with this scheme. Orqanizing efforts to flip a district’s electoral votes may not flip it at first, but even the effort can bring out enough minority party votes to swing a state election or two.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Corbett is a rat bastard.

  • This scam has been tried and tried again for decades. It won’t pass, but it certainly says something about the assholes who are trying.

  • trgahan

    I hope that, like the ID laws, this election rigging will do more to wake up progressives, turn people off to the GOP, and bring out democratic voters than help the GOP legistate itself into minority rule.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Of course, our friends who are hunkering down in their basements with personal arsenals of assault weapons and high explosives because they’ve been living under “tyranny” since 20 January 2009, are loving this idea. Quasi-universal medical insurance and regulation of consumer financial services are “tyranny,” but acquiring positions of power in public office without actually winning elections is not.

    The closest we’ve ever gotten to “tyranny” in my lifetime was when a man for whom the country did not actually vote nevertheless became President of the United States, then started a war in a foreign country in order to get himself elected legitimately.

    We all understand that this whole “tyranny” threat is nothing more than a feeling GOP fans and pundits get when Democrats win elections. Which is too bad, because it means we’ll never recognize real tyranny if it ever actually comes to pass, because half our population will either imagine it or enable it depending on which party occupies the White House.