Election 2012

The News Media Doesn't Care About GOP Sabotage

The Democrats and, specifically, the Obama campaign might be flirting with the "Republicans Are Sabotaging the Economy" meme. And while I think it's important to get this one out there (I've been writing about this dynamic for years), I tend to agree with Greg Sargent:

But all this aside, let’s face it: If Dems want a national media debate over whether the GOP is deliberately sabotaging the economy or is actively rooting for economic failure, they aren’t going to get one. This is not a topic that will get sustained media attention or discussion, no matter what Dems do.

Any news outlet that touches this meme will be annihilated by the far-right. But I think they should do it anyway. It's news -- and seriously important news. Sadly, our top TV news people are cowards.