Election 2012

The News Media Doesn't Care About GOP Sabotage

The Democrats and, specifically, the Obama campaign might be flirting with the "Republicans Are Sabotaging the Economy" meme. And while I think it's important to get this one out there (I've been writing about this dynamic for years), I tend to agree with Greg Sargent:

But all this aside, let’s face it: If Dems want a national media debate over whether the GOP is deliberately sabotaging the economy or is actively rooting for economic failure, they aren’t going to get one. This is not a topic that will get sustained media attention or discussion, no matter what Dems do.

Any news outlet that touches this meme will be annihilated by the far-right. But I think they should do it anyway. It's news -- and seriously important news. Sadly, our top TV news people are cowards.

  • Miranda

    The news media doesn’t care about GOP sabotage because the news media is partners in the GOP sabotage.


  • D_C_Wilson

    The democrats need to give up on the corporate media and use the web to work around it.

  • Draxiar

    I believe Dan, Norm, and Tom would agree with you…as do I. I’m hopeful that it does become a point of report though.


  • i_a_c

    As long as the Both Sides meme is in full effect while the media tries not to be “too liberal,” we’ll never hear of this.

  • missliberties

    OH and one more idea. Wear a T-shirt. Yesterday I wore an old shirt that had the words Peace written on it, and you can not believe how many friendly smiles and waves I got.

    I also love the “Not a Republican” bumper sticker.

  • missliberties

    The media needs to get its shit together.

    I am pleased that at least, Paul Krugman is making some rounds, and mentioning the coming depression if we continue this austerity plan.

    Joe Stigilitz was on Morning Joe talking about how inequalitiy hurts us all.

    But folks, the media responds to YOU. That is right. If YOU tweet or write in, or start making a fuss, or write letters to the editor, it matters. That is partly how the right sways the media. If enough people write about a certain topic the editorial section takes notice.

    We can’t just say, “Oh, look. It’s all their fault. We can make a difference by speaking up in mass. Write, e-mail, tweet, facebook. They all keep track of this stuff.

    • Scopedog

      And Norm Ornstein and Thomas Mann are also making the rounds on some shows talking about their book that basically states that the GOP is the party that’s f-ing things up.

      I say let’s go with the meme. It is true, after all; anyone looking back at the last three years can see that. And if some in the MSM are shamed by this, fine. I’ve had enough of the press licking the backside of the GOP.

  • missliberties

    They should do it anyway. I don’t care if the right gets ‘mad’.

    Bill Clinton last night mentioned that the GOP is running a fact free campaign.

    Of not is the FACT the the GOP brought up the idea of a debt commission, and then every Republican that signed onto it voted against it. It was only commissioned by executive order of the President.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    “Sadly, our top TV news people are cowards.”

    Because the the Lame Stream Media is controlled by big corporations that only care about their bottom line, so they won’t try anything controversial that might upset their cash cows. Plus, they’re run by people who support the Republican party so that they can get all the benefits of tax cuts that they, and only they, will get, and fuck the rest of youz! You just keep watching what we show you like the mezmerizing sheep that you are and never question what we and our lords and masters are doing.

    And while that goes on, the right wing noise machine (Fox News, Limbaugh, Drudge, etc.) will STILL try and claim that the LSM is so totally socialist driven and liberally biased and that they are the true crusaders of truth. And their eager, drooling sycophantic viewers, who eat this up like the chemically altered fast food that it is, will be shouting “AMEN! TELL IT LIKE IT IS!”

    How ’bout we start talking ’bout reforming the way the media runs itself and do like they do in the United Kindom where such abuses of information are treated swiftly and harshly. If they scream violation of First Amendment, they’re countered with “You’re the ones who violated the First Amendment in the first place by failing at your jobs and the American public”.

    America needs watchdogs for the people. Not lapdogs for the powerful.

    • A-goddam-fuckin-men.

      Only question is “How?”.