The Pentagon Also Has No Idea How to Handle Trump’s Stupid Muslim Ban

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Signing a Muslim ban while American forces are currently engaged in majority-Muslim countries where they rely on Muslim allies on the battlefield is an incredibly reckless thing to do. It's even more reckless when the Department of Defense is completely blindsided by it.

Pentagon officials are now trying to figure out how to carve out exemptions for foreign service members, non-citizen American service members, and foreign contractors who've worked with American forces since the Iraq War.

Among the questions hanging over the order and its implementation are the fate of Iraqi military pilots currently training in Arizona, as well as other Iraqi officers in the United States, and the thousands of U.S. service members who hold foreign nationality. Defense officials couldn’t provide a breakdown by country, but said that the Pentagon typically recruits about 5,000 non-citizen, legal permanent residents per year, and the average number of non-citizens on active duty has averaged about 18,700 since 2010.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis was present when Trump signed the order, but that doesn't necessarily mean he knew what was really in it. That also doesn't necessarily mean Trump's handlers would have allowed Mattis to interfere. All indications point to Trump not consulting anyone outside of his inner circle before signing the order.

I can't imagine Trump's actions will help the Pentagon with recruitment. It will almost certainly endanger the lives of Americans overseas.

  • muselet

    Gee, Donald Trump and his close advisers didn’t trouble themselves to think through the consequences of a hastily-written EO. Who could possibly have anticipated this?

    If this is truly Trump’s management style and not him being used as a marionette by Steve Bannon—equally likely, I think—I can see why his companies have gone bankrupt so often.


  • Georgie

    Isn’t there a limit on how many EO’s this dumb fucker can sign?

    • Nefercat

      No, no, no. You’re thinking of the muslin Kenyan usurper. /s

  • Badgerite

    This is bizarre. The last terror attack we had was in Orlando. By an American born citizen who parents were immigrants from Afghanistan (not covered under the EO).
    Before that was San Bernadino. Two immigrants from Pakistan. Also not covered by the EO. No attacks from Syrian refugees resettled in this country. No attacks from Iraqis resettled in this country. Which rather indicates that the vetting of these refugee is rather “extreme”. Unless by extreme they mean they cannot be Muslim.
    That, of course would be vetting that would run afoul of the First Amendment.
    Clearly, the vetting system, though it may not have worked flawlessly in Europe, has worked very well here. Unless you are a demagogue who just wants to put on a political show.

    • I think Bannon’s motive was twofold. 1) To put on a show for Trump voters and 2) and to poke the Left with sharp stick to increase the tensions and divisions in the US.

      • ninjaf

        Especially #2.

    • MJ

      I did tell you to stay away from Aravosis. He and his silly clique of Americabloggers are cracking up. (Now he’s trying to cover up his silly wishful prediction of Trump’s homophobic actions by saying it was the pressure of his readers that got Trump to guarantee workplace protection. Uh…yeah…right….)

      • Badgerite

        I believe I did tell you to drop dead. If not, it was an oversight on my part.
        So…..drop dead.

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    No, no, no. You don’t get it.

    Everything’s going to be fine because Trump, unlike Obama, had the guts to say “Islamic terrorism.” If Obama had just had the balls to utter those two magic words instead of being so PC, this whole mess could have been cleaned up years ago.

    But don’t worry. Trump’s saying them now. So you don’t have to worry about this kind of stuff anymore.

    • You could almost hear the erections of millions of his supporters when he said “radical Islamic terrorism” during his inaugural “speech”. Poof! No more terror. One wonders why we need this ban, then.

  • Birther-in-Chief must be the luckiest man to ever live, given everything that’s happened to him, and his ability to recover despite thinking like THIS.

  • Aynwrong

    When people start dying I still expect that Trump’s dumbfuck voters will still refuse to see how wrong they were. Nor will they acknowledge the betrayal they have visited upon so many people who have risked and sacrificed so much on behalf of America, largely because of the war Trump/Bush voters forced upon the world. These people should find a beach to bury their heads in shame every July 4th for the west of their God forsaken lives.

    God, this is all so galling.