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The Pledge of Allegiance

Artist - RJ Matson

In other news, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is planning to nearly quadruple the size of his 3,009 square foot home in San Diego, valued at $12 million, by bulldozing it and replacing it with a 11,062 square foot home.

That darn Obama sure has wrecked the economy of Mitt Romney and other wealthy businessmen who made their fortunes by firing people.

  • trgahan

    Now here is the prime example of Romney doing that “job creator” thing America’s wealthy need to be freed from taxes and government regulation (or any social obligation apparently) to accomplish.
    Think of how many jobs building an 11,062 square foot home for two people will create! Everything from the undocumented immigrants who will do the roofing to the unlicensed contractor who will lay the imported marble tile bought from an Italian quarry that funnels money to Al Qaeda. That is just the temporary work. It will probably take two maybe three people to maintain it while the Romney’s are at one of their other homes. Maybe I should go to Home Depot, get a leaf blower and send my resume to Mitt.

  • Wait a minute, I thought the Mittster and Mrs. Mittster lived in a cozy apartment in his son’s basement in Belmont, Mass. — at least that what it says on the voter rolls. Hmmm, lying about your place of residence to vote is classic ‘vote fraud’ and a crime punishable by up to five years in jail and a $10K fine in MA. Where’s the right-wing outrage?

    Did Mitt Romney Commit Voter Fraud?
    Mother Jones, June 13, 2011

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  • jmby

    I wonder if all those idiots screaming about how elitist and in bad taste it is for the President to take a vacation on Martha’s Vinyard will scream as loud about Romney’s obscene house and its huge footprint. Something tells me a Republican spending millions to further fuck up the shoreline won’t register a blip on their moralometer.

  • gobrooklyn

    I love it.