The Presidential Look

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In other news, GOP Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL) says he has doubts that Hillary Clinton actually has pneumonia.

Pneumonia Truthers. It's a conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Media Matters has a roundup of truly awful 9/11-related Trump stories that dropped over the weekend but were largely ignored because Hillary Clinton was dehydrated.

Finally, here's this:

A reminder that Alex Jones has spoken to and advised GOP nominee Donald Trump.

  • fry1laurie

    I had pneumonia some years ago (albeit a much more serious case). I’m amazed that Hillary had done so much while having it; I was lethargic as hell. Let’s see a much older Drumpf do as well with an illness.

    • Well, one can have walking pneumonia and still function. Then there are those with the constitution of a mule, like my husband, who walk around with double pneumonia for several days until they suddenly collapse. I just hope she gets well soon. I want her in good “fighting shape” for the debates.

  • Badgerite

    I have doubts that Gary Palmer is an honest human being. I’m a ‘truther truther’.