Marijuana Rand Paul

The Rand Paul ReLOVEution Gains Momentum

While this Rand Paul remark from yesterday’s Fox News Sunday might be true…

“Look, the last two presidents could have conceivably been put in jail for their drug use and I really think – look what would’ve happened, it would’ve ruined their lives. They got lucky. But a lot of poor kids, particularly in the inner city, don’t get lucky and they don’t have good attorneys and they go to jail for some of these things and I think it’s a big mistake.”

…it should also be abundantly clear that Rand is seriously pandering to his father’s currently leaderless disciples. The Cult of the Whimsical Jalopy is slowly regaining strength.

  • SlapFat

    The only reason people get excited by the Paul family is because they know very little about politics and the allure of low-level populism. These guys are free-market enthusiasts at best and, while I might agree with them on a few points, they’re not people that deserve much more than a cursory glance. The following they have garnered is a vaguely occult one.

  • villemar

    Herpderp the Founders insisted our economy be based on hoarding gold & weed! Loud noises!

  • trgahan

    What a Faustian deal the Paul’s keep offering: We’ll let you have your pot, IF you just let us free a small percentage of the American population to do whatever they economically want without legal consequence?

    You’ll be able to do it too, but since you don’t already have millions in expendable capital, it won’t really amount to anything. You’ll still be pushing around the same 10% of the wealth the lower 60% of the nation has been pushing around for years. But you can smoke pot whenever you want! Now that’s “Freedom!!”

    • JimmyAbra

      We’ll let you smoke pot if you let let us discriminate, self-regulate, charitibly help “those” in “need,” and make womens’ decision for them!

    • KanaW

      Bread and circuses. Works every time.

  • JimmyAbra

    Once again, if one really looks at the Rand/Ron Paul “good points” they are essentially liberal/democratic party points – social liberties – but maybe, in some cases, like war, with a different twist, but essentially the same. But big difference if much of the economic plans/policies, and to what degree they are willing to extend “freedom” to be free to discriminate.