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The Republican Debate and CNN Sucks

If you missed the Republican debate last night on CNN, you essentially missed every Republican candidate telling us that the states and the private sector can do everything better than the federal government -- even though the federal government landed a man on the moon, defeated the Nazis and Imperial Japan at the same time, preserved the Union, provided a safety net for senior citizens, and has a pretty solid track record of making sure a Happy Meal doesn't contain asbestos.

The states? They can barely pave roads or avoid bankruptcy. And the private sector shoved us to the brink of the Second Great Depression and is currently responsible for nine percent unemployment. Let's hand them the keys to the economy!

Meanwhile, the moderator, CNN's John King, was as robotic as usual. Nothing overly challenging. No real insight into the issues. And he asked the candidates various "this or that" questions. For example, he asked Newt whether he liked American Idol or Dancing with the Stars (Newt prefers Idol). He asked Herman Cain, the founder of Godfather's Pizza, whether he preferred thin crust or thick crust. Very serious.

We're facing some of the most critical times in the history of the United States and the world -- much of this due to the policies of the Republican Party, and we're asking them whether they like iPhones or Blackberries? Unfeakingbelievable. They all stood up there repeating the same myopic conservative bumper sticker solutions that created the recession -- Reaganomics, supply side, deregulation, tax cuts, and all the rest of it. And CNN treated it like a game show.

Now, in CNN's defense, when Fox News Channel hosts a debate, the theatrics will be more ridiculous and the topics a thousand times more silly.

  • I watched the whole thing and followed discussion on Twitter. In a word I was disgusted. Disgusted with the GOP and disgusted with CNN. John King was absolutely pathetic- perhaps even more pathetic than Santorum. I’m disgusted that these petty maniacs have so much voice and so much power in this country. They deserve only ridicule, but then so does CNN.

  • incredulous72

    Has CNN become “Fox Lite”?

  • MrDHalen

    I would find the events of last night amusing if the threat was not so realistic. I find it extremely scary that I am living in a country where those people on stage last night are taken seriously by our fellow citizens and media.

    I just imagine the founding fathers rolling in their graves over the spectacle put on last night. This is what our national leader pool has devolved into? No depth, no courage, nothing but empty twisted people lying to enrich themselves. It’s disgusting!

    • i_a_c

      More tax cuts you say? Talk about a profile in political courage.

    • Right there with you, Dan.

  • dildenusa

    Yeah Bob, I missed the debate. I watched Antiques Roadshow instead. Watching this years republican primary debates will be like watching paint dry. You’ll fall asleep.

  • i_a_c

    Good, Mark Halperin declared Romney the winner of the debate. I was eagerly awaiting his airtight analysis. I wonder what he liked most about Romney: when he bashed Obama for the auto bailout, or when he bashed Obama over health care? Did Romney actually offer any kind of plan? I don’t remember one, other than the standard “tax cuts cure all our ills” tripe.

  • Melvin Beavers

    The debate (term used loosely) was the good laugh I needed last night. I especially loved when Rommney said he can’t wait to debate Obama and that Obama should have called him about Health Care, classic. Rommney, the politician running from his own shadow.

  • And CNN treated it like a game show.

    So CNN gave the GOP Traveling Dog & Pony Show 2012 the exact proper amount of gravitas, then?

  • Art__VanDalay

    Pretty much the only thing good that can be said about CNN is that Fox is way worse.

  • roxsteady

    Now, this is a perfect example of what I was talking about in my previous comment. This debate was basically fact free. This nugget which I just read on Greg Sargent’s Morning Plum is typical of what went down last night.

    “* Romney blasts Obama for nonexistent laws: Relatedly, as Steve Stromberg notes, Mitt hammered Obama for crushing the economy under the weight of cap and trade and the Employee Free Choice Act — neither of which ever passed. Oh, and government is bad!”

    Where the hell was John King when Mitt spewed this bullshit? Perhaps they should have used Barney Frank’s “Dinning Room Table” as the moderator. It would have been just as effective!

  • Maybe instead of thin or thick crust, King could have asked Cain if he hates Muslims or gays more.

  • roxsteady

    While I didn’t watch the debate my sister kept popping in and out of it on her tv and all I could hear was Bachmann’s annoying voice which makes my ears bleed. I couldn’t believe that John King didn’t come at any of them with facts. He just allowed them to blather on with their lies. Just awful! We have some of the dumbest electorate on the planet and the media is a big reason for this. They are completely useless when it comes to pointing out the facts.

  • I tried to watch the debate last night. Tuned my tv to CNN and got a Spanish soap opera. For some reason, my cable provider has put a Hispanic channel where TiVo says CNN is supposed to be. I hope Joel McHale will show excerpts of the debates on The Soup this Friday.