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The Republicans Will Not Nominate a Mormon

There's always a chance the Republicans will nominate a black man or a Mormon. But I still believe it's a mighty thin chance for either which is why I still believe Rick Perry will win the nomination.

At the Values Voters Summit, the far-right fired their initial volleys at Romney over his "cult" status, forcing the candidate to defend his religion.

Unless the evangelical base is smaller that we think, it's hard to imagine them turning out for someone who they consider to be a member of a non-Christian cult.

  • CMiner

    Republican nominee will be Jeb Bush. My reasons are here:

  • muselet

    The Republican Party is going to have to hold its collective nose and vote for someone they really, really hate for something.

    A vote for Willard is a vote for a cult member, which is intolerable. A vote for Goodhair is a vote for someone who doesn’t hate the Messicans enough, which is intolerable. A vote for Pizza Guy is a vote for one of (whisper it) those people, which is intolerable. A vote for Crazy Eyes is a vote for a gyno-American, which is intolerable. A vote for Newty-Poo is a vote for someone even lazier than La Palin, which is intolerable. A vote for the Frothy Mix is a vote for being reminded of the actual frothy mix, which is intolerable. A vote for Let ‘Em Die is a vote for someone who’s insufficiently Xtianist, which is intolerable. A vote for The Other Cultist is a vote for someone who worked for The Islamofascistnazikenyan Usurper, which is intolerable.

    As much fun as it is to watch the clown car careering toward the cliff (I’m having a blast), someone is going to win the Republican nomination. Nobody in the Republican Party will like that person one little bit, but the entire Republican Party will fight like cornered badgers to get that person elected in November 2012.


    • D_C_Wilson

      I don’t know. The way the GOP keeps casting about for a new messiah every other week means that whomever they end up with is going to be deeply compromised.

      Unless they can find someone who will electrify the base, this may be a reply of George HW Bush’s re-election campaign, where the base gave him only grudging lip service as support.

      • muselet

        The base will scream and cry and fling itself to the floor and hold its breath until it turns blue during the primaries because it won’t get its ideal candidate—whoever that might be. In the end, all those terribly disappointed, terribly angry Righties will line up to vote for everyone with the letter R after their names, including that deeply compromised Republican presidential candidate.

        Why? Because if they don’t, the Islamofascistnazikenyan Usurper will take away their guns, force them to eat kale, surrender to al Qaeda, debase the dollar and put every RealMurcan in FEMA concentration camps. Those fears are irrational, even profoundly stupid, but they are very motivating for the Republican base.

        I suppose what I’m saying is that nobody should get cocky just because the Rs are currently in disarray.


        • D_C_Wilson

          Of course they will vote. My wonder is whether they will open up their checkbooks, knock on doors, and man the phones for that compromised candidate. GHWB could not muster up enthusiastic support among the party faithful for them to work for him.

          On the other hand, I still wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Jesus (or her husband) telling Bachmann to run as a third party candidate.

  • Chachizel

    Funny how Romney defended Mormonism, but wouldn’t defend gay soldiers, innocent people getting executed, or immigrants.

  • Buffalodavid

    Reporting in from Mormon Central. I live in Southern Utah, here my completely non scientific poling shows that collectively, Mormons here support Romney.

    Privately, its a different story.

    LDS Prophecy tell of a time when the Constitution of the USA is hanging by a thread, and a Mormon is elected President and saves the country.

    While at first glance, this seems made to order, most of the faithful that I’ve talked with express a lot of skepticism that THIS is the man on a white horse that was predicted.

    Make that “both these men”. They are just too liberal.

    It’s a safe bet to say that 95% of everyone who lives within a hundred miles of me is either a member of the LDS church, or at least has more than a casual connection.

    I keep asking them the same question. Why does your church go out of its way to align yourself with a faction of a political party that is so vocal of their nonacceptance of your faith.

    When George W spoke at Bob Jones University, I didn’t hear one Mormon speak out against it. But the president of that university was quoted as referring to Mormons and Catholics as “cults which call themselves Christian.”

    Want a good study in confusion? Talk to people here about politics.

    • agrazingmoose

      Do all the LDS women in your neck of the woods wear skirts and dresses? Around here, they aren’t allowed to wear pants.

      • Buffalodavid

        The only restriction I’ve ever noted here is that women stick to only one piercing per ear. But I live outside Bryce Canyon, and the people in my town of 450, see folks from all over the world everyday. This is a strange dynamic here.

        Personally, I think it is why I get less grief about being a gentile (or Non-Mormon).

        In slightly larger towns, with less outside influence I do see the ladies in skirts more often. But if you go to Fundamental LDS communities, where polygamy is practiced, floor length gingham style is all you see.

    • JackDaniel07

      I did 3 years HARD TIME in the mortgage biz in Cedar City, UT — I feel for ya!

      “Hell no I can’t just quit giving 10% tithing to qualify for the home I need for my family of 8” he said as he chugged his Pepsi.

    • dildenusa

      I live in northwest Arizona in Mohave County so I have to put in my 2 cents worth here. Colorado City, AZ and Hilldale, UT is the headquarters of the FLDS (fundamentalist Latter Day Saints).

      I see the whackos from the FLDS at the Walmart in Kingman quite a bit. The women are forced to wear old style long western dresses with blouses up to the neck even when it’s 110 Degrees Fahrenheit. But they don’t wear bonnets. The older men never wear jeans, sneakers, or short pants. They dress a lot like the Amish but they use modern technology. The FLDS is a cult. The mainstream Mormon Church was forced into renouncing polygamy in order for Utah to become a state. The truth however is that the LDS Church is totally bogus. It is even more bogus than Christianity. Every time I hear some clown in the hierarchy of the Christian Church spout their bullshit about the US being a Christian nation I want to puke. I’m so tired of the bullshit that GOD is a hairy old white man who lives in the sky. Excuse me but the sky goes on forever. So where exactly does GOD reside? Halfway to forever? A quarter? Fundamentalist Christians today haven’t the barest clue as to what the scribes wrote down after the Israelites were exiled from Canaan by the Assyrians and Babylonians in the 6th and 7th Centuries B.C.E. because most of what happened prior to Kings Saul, David, and Solomon is mostly myth. The real history of Judeo-Christian philosophy began when the Persians allowed the Israelites to repopulate Canaan at the end of the 5th Century B.C.E. At that point the Hebrew Torah and Bible as we know it was written. And it wasn’t written by a hairy old white man living in the sky, it was written by humans.

  • What do you mean they won’t? They absolutely will.

    • Oh wait, my bad. I only read the headline quickly before I posted above, I thought it said won’t nominate a Moron. I should have read the text.

      • priscianusjr

        No, it’s like Scopedog says, we already know they’ are perfectly happy to nominate a Moron.

  • Chris Andersen

    This is the most under-reported aspect of the Republican nomination. It’s almost like everyone in the news media know about the Mormon Factor, but they don’t want to be the first one to talk about it.

  • As I’ve said repeatedly to my Christian friends – they can’t mock other religions as cults. They’re not allowed – they’re in the uber-cult. It’s all fucking hocus pocus.

    • Dan_in_DE

      I’m with ya, Bubble G. All religion is absurd. You have to be desperately scared of death to find any of it comforting, and you have to be incredibly gullable, believing bullshit arguments like atheism is responsible for the worst genocides, otherwise you would never choose to associate yourself with religions’ barbaric and horrifying history.

      And yet, Mormonism deserves extra scorn. You have to be really damn gullible to go for a nineteenth century rewrite of Christianity claiming that Jesus was resurected in Missouri. Not to mention the magic underpants.

      • And Jesus being resurrected anywhere isn’t ridiculous? Flaming talking shrubbery? The whole Noah thing? Jonah? Lot? God pulling the universe out of his ass in six days? Actually, that one explains a lot – Biblical God is the Michael Bay of deities. No planning, lots of bombast, and heavy on the vengeance. Someone find me a god who’s more like the Coen Brothers and you might turn me into a believer.

        • Dan_in_DE

          I’ll show you the life of the mind!

        • priscianusjr

          Well I’m glad you guys got that off your chests, even if it’s completely irrelevant to the actual controversy under discussion. Clearly you think it’s ridiculous, but the point is that a lot of people do take it seriously; you have no idea why, and apparently you take pride in that.

    • Scopedog

      Actually, Bob–the GOP won’t nominate a MORMON–but they will nominate a MORON.

      Just saying….

  • drsquid

    In ’07 Romney had to win the VVS straw poll by freeping the online part of it. (Huckaboner took a majority of attendees.) How pathetic.

    Someone might want to tell these people how that turned out for them, given that someone who didn’t bother showing up at their little wankathon got the nom because it was perceived to be his “turn”.

  • So instead they pick the follower of Objectivism, a smaller and even crazier cult founded by an adulterous atheist.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Yes. I’ve lost track of the number of conservatives who are more than willing to overlook Rand’s atheism because she’s “right” about economics.

      Never mind that her views are 180 degrees polar opposite of a certain 1st century Jewish guy.

  • I agree. Can’t see how this will sit well with the base.

    The GOP’s 2012 Strategy: An Idiot and Prayer

    • priscianusjr

      It’s a genuine dilemma for the GOP. Will they preserve the old power structure of the RNC, or will they have a shot — and in my opinion not a particularly good shot — at the presidency, at the price of a bunch of hillbillies and serpent handlers completely taking over the party? What makes it even more interesting is that Rove, et al., really believe they can win with Romney, but I agree with those who say there’s a good chance the Tea Party will splinter off into an actual third party if Romney is nominated.
      I hope you’re all stocking up on popcorn.

  • JoyP

    Normally I’d agree, but does anti-immigration fever trump Mormanism? Which one is the Republican base more afraid of?

    • The Christianists WILL. NOT. vote for a “heathen”. End of story.