Epic Fail

The Return of Healthcare Coupons, For Veterans

For some reason Mitt Romney chose today, Veteran's Day, to propose "Vouchercare" for our nation's military veterans while speaking at a campaign event in South Carolina.

Romney told a group of veterans [at] Mutt’s BBQ in Mauldin that it might be possible to create a “voucher” system.

“When you work in the private sector and you have a competitor, you know if I don’t treat this customer right, they’re going to leave me and go somewhere else,” the candidate said. “Whereas if you’re the government, they know there’s nowhere else you guys can go. You’re stuck.”

Romney added: “Sometimes you wonder if there would be some way to introduce some private sector competition, somebody else that could come in and say, you know, each soldier gets X thousand dollars attributed to them. And then they can choose whether they want to go into the government system or the private system with the money that follows them.”

“Like what happens in Florida, where people have a voucher that goes with them. Who knows?”

Who knows?

Who knows what Mitt Romney was thinking proposing the privatization of veteran's healthcare on veteran's day while eating dinner with veterans.

I certainly don't think to myself while I'm eating dinner "I wonder if there is a way to introduce some private sector competition" for providing healthcare to our nation's veterans. But then again, I'm not running for the Republican nomination for president.

Mitt Romney is an empty suit.