Election 2016

The RNC Decided Not to Change The Rules Ahead of Thunderdome 2016

Based on comments made at the RNC today, I'd say we just moved one step closer to a Donald Trump nomination.

The RNC's rules committee could have begun the process of altering the rules of the coming party apocalypse convention in Cleveland, but at least some members of the committee are afraid of provoking their constituents.

Committee members repeatedly warned against provoking the ire of the voters by suggesting rules changes just months before Republicans meet for the convention in Cleveland.

"We are basically in the seventh inning of the ball game and its not right to change the rules of the ball game in the middle," Georgia committeeman and rules committee member Randy Evans said.

When all is said and done, Donald Trump will have received by far the most votes and the most delegates.

If they nominate Donald Trump, the GOP is fucked. If they don't nominate Donald Trump, they're still fucked.

  • muselet

    The RNC’s standing committee doesn’t have the final say on the convention rules — that’s left to the delegates elected to the convention rules committee.

    In other words, the bunfight isn’t over just yet.

    I’ll be shocked if the streets of Cleveland don’t echo with chants of “Burn, baby, burn!” come July.


  • Aynwrong

    Speaking of Thunderdome GOP convention 2016, I believe Christopher Nolan may have provided us with something of a prediction.

    Though I doubt it will be quite as orderly.

    • Scopedog

      Would I be wrong to say that I prefer Bane to Trump (at least Nolan/Tom Hardy’s version)?

      • Aynwrong

        No not at all. Bane gave far better speeches than Trump.

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Careful what you wish for.

    Trump is laughable… to us. But he’s got a populist message and knows his way around viral media. He knows how to generate headlines and very little sticks to him. He plays the media like a fiddle. Once he wins the nod, the Red Shirts are going to line up behind him because, well, Hillary Benghazi Mail Servers Clinton Foundation Obamacare Abortions Death Panels. He’ll track center and everyone will suddenly get amnesia and believe him – the media will let him get away with the most glaring contradictions and blatant lies, and the center is going to eat it up.

    Once he goes head to head with Hillary, I can’t help but feel like the blowout we’re imagining might not show up. Trump’s not going to get more popular, but he’s going to drag her down to his level and beat her with experience. She’s a decent politician, but compared to Trump, well, she’s boring. He’s going to own the spotlight.

    Red Shirts will show up to the polls because they hate Hillary.
    Blue Shirts will be apathetic (especially the Bernie-or-Busters) – they’ll show, not in droves.

    I’m going to call it now: it’ll be a squeaker.

    • JMAshby

      Not going to happen. Trump hasn’t even bottomed out yet. Democratic trackers haven’t even started attacking him.

      Demographics are overwhelmingly against him (and any other Republican, for that matter) and minority voters are not as stupid or forgetful as the revered “white working class” voters of yesteryear who only care about themselves.

      The scenario you describe would have been plausible in 2000 or 2004, not 2016.

      • Aynwrong

        From you lips to God’s ear Mr. Ashby.

      • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

        I hope so as well…

        “Democratic trackers haven’t even started attacking him.” Yes… but he hasn’t really started to go to work on Hillary either. And he is going to be devastatingly effective.

        If Reagan was the Teflon President, Trump is Teflon the Teflon Candidate. Hillary is the Lint Roller Candidate.

        Oh, and I forgot Huma Abedin in my list above.

        I hope you’re right, but I worry your confidence is unwarranted. (And even though generally would I like Bernie more, he needs to get the hell out the way).

        • JMAshby

          Lint roller?

          She’s been under attack for nearly 3 decades already and yet she became a senator, secretary of state, and probably the next president. She’s also a woman so she has had to work harder for everything while under attack for it.

          This reads less like the GOP’s attacks and more like your own.

          • Aynwrong

            Can you tell me how to sign up with the new comment section for the blog?

        • We should also add that Trump has a 70% unfavorable rating with women (of any party) AND we make up the majority of the electorate AND our turnout has surpassed men’s in every Presidential election since 1980. Add to that that many women are excited about having the first female President….we will be making a serious difference this election. And it’s about damn time.

        • Scopedog

          To echo what Ashby said–Hillary has faced constant attacks from the Right and from the Left for close to thirty years, and she’s survived. She’s been bloodied, but unbowed. I honestly do not think that Bernie could withstand what the GOP would lob at him.

          And what’s Trump going to do–call Hillary a whore or a c*#t? Make fun of her looks and her body? Been there, done that–and there were many supporters of Bernie who went there and started using insults at Hillary that matched what the Right has done.

          That said–I agree with you that we need to be careful about Trump. He’s a buffoon, but the press has given him the kid-glove treatment and he knows how to appeal to our most baser instincts and prejudices. Add to that the “Bernie or Bust!” crowd who think that a Trump win will kick-start the “revolution”–here’s looking at you, Susan Sarandon–and you’ve got a dangerous figure.

          I don’t think Hillary underestimates him, anyway–and unlike some of Sanders’ supporters, she has been hitting at the GOP and at Trump.

    • Victor the Crab

      Hillary is way too smart to get dragged down to Drumph’s level. And the only thing Drumph has going for him is his ability to insult his opponents in the most immature manner possible. His Republican rivals couldn’t go after him without exposing themselves as hypocrites to their base. Something Hillary needn’t worry about. She’ll destroy him in any debate, and reduce him to the bratty child he really is.

  • David Greenberg

    I can only hope. I think at this point Bernie is fucking us.