Election 2016

The RNC Says Love It or Leave It

According to a nugget buried in this report from New York Times, the Republican National Committee (RNC) told staffers that they're free to leave if they can't line up behind presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Republican elected officials, donors and strategists grappled uncomfortably on Wednesday with the inevitability of Donald J. Trump as their presidential nominee, an unexpectedly sudden denouement that left many in a state of political paralysis and others vowing to oppose the party’s new standard-bearer. [...]

For some in the party, the question of whether to embrace Mr. Trump is not merely an intellectual exercise. Some staff members at the Republican National Committee were told Wednesday that if they were unable to get behind the nominee, they should leave by the end of the week.

I don't think anyone would blame the RNC or any other Republican if they merely stayed on the sidelines and pursued their own priorities, but that doesn't appear to be the RNC's plan.

Chairman Reince Priebus's plan for the RNC is to go all-in and support Donald Trump, even going so far as to weed out anyone who has a shred of doubt about Trump.

The Republican party is Donald Trump's party now. Not Mitt Romney's. Not even George W Bush's party. It's the Trump party.

  • WampusKat

    It’s the Tea Party base, which is, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, chock full of white supremacists, including Glenn Greenwald’s BFF, the white supremacist hacker “weev” of the Daily Stormer:

    SPLC: “Right-Wing Extremists Hail the Ascension of ‘Emperor Trump’ as GOP Nominee”

    “White supremacists, nationalists and antigovernment conspiracists feverishly embrace the Republican candidate as their Great White Hope, not to mention a ‘Patriot sleeper cell.'”

    “Back at the Daily Stormer, the notorious hacker Weev – who has been recently associated with hack attacks in which campus faxes were flooded with white-supremacist fliers – offered an ominous warning
    for any conservatives (whom he and his fellow “alt-right” activists have sneeringly dubbed “cuckservatives,” or “cucks”) who might dare to continue to refuse to get in line with Trump:

    Weev: “As Trump’s once-ridiculed dreams transform from fevered visions to shadows upon the ruined landscape of Weimerica, we use that darkness to attack our mutual enemies. Now is the time to lean hard on everyone #NeverTrump. There is no method of ruin too rude or personal to destroy these people. We bombard their employers with hateposting. We show up at the doors of their homes to call them cucks and traitors to their faces. We do whatever is necessary to run these people out of town and make sure they never try to slink back. We must leverage every second we have before the general election to purify the political establishment of rotten Marxists and those that would bow before them.

    Because this is the way the cucks end.”


    Vimeo video: “Glenn Greenwald speaks out in defense of Andrew ‘weev’ Auernheimer”

    Exactly how many white supremacists aside from Ron/Rand Paul does Greenwald have to promote before “progressives” admit they’ve been had by a Libertarian lunatic posing as a “civil libertarian”?

  • swift_4

    I think I saw the strategy in plan on the media this morning. Prominent Republicans are saying they can’t get behind The Drumpf…at this time.

    One weekend cycle of “not now”. Another weekend cycle of “maybe”. Then half a year of “WE LOVE THIS GUY!!!”

  • muselet

    Gee, a purge of Party staffers to ensure ideological purity.

    Is anyone else reminded of the way the Soviet Union used to be run?


  • Victor the Crab

    Liberals and progressives should not take comfort in these developments because of the disruptive forces promised by Bernie Sanders and his Kool-Aid drinking sycophants who will try and create a shitstorm in Philadelphia while the GOP will try and create a show of unity around Donald Drumph because the mainstream media will gobble this all up and present it to the public as the Democrats being far more unstable than the Republicans.

    • muselet

      Oh, doubtless. The media narrative that the Rs are the grown-ups and the Ds are fractious children must be maintained.


  • Badgerite

    He has made the Republican Party his “bitch”. I look forward to the KKK marches in Cleveland.
    The GOP will now be embracing its inner David Duke.