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The Running Embarrassment in Mississippi


State Senator Chris McDaniel (R-MS) is something of a running embarrassment for the Republican party. As we’ve discussed long before, McDaniel has dubious ties to the neo-Confederate white supremacist community.

Mississippi Republican party chairman Joe Nosef has now asked McDaniel to clarify his relationship with the white supremacist community and his plans to keynote an event hosted by segregationists, and for that Nosef is facing calls for his resignation.

The call for state party chairman Joe Nosef to resign comes in response to Nosef telling MSNBC that McDaniel needed to clarify whether he had planned to attend the event or not. Nosef, on the Paul Gallo Show, also suggested that McDaniel could cost Republicans a Senate seat. McDaniel is running to unseat Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS).

“It is inappropriate for Nosef to make such claims given his role as Chairman of the MS GOP. Accordingly, Joe Nosef should resign from his position as Chairman of the MS GOP effective immediately,” the Mississippi Tea Party said in a statement.

How dare you inquire if he has ties to white supremacists? Have you no decency?

Picard and Riker Facepalm

McDaniel has had opportunities to prove that he is not a Lost Causer who has a habit of keynoting events hosted by neo-Confederate white nationalists, but his efforts have fallen short.

As recently as this week, McDaniel appeared in studio with the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer who, as you’re probably aware, is one of the most virulent bigots in the country.

If you’re going to issue a denial that you’re a piece of shit, you probably shouldn’t do so on a radio show hosted by a certifiable piece of shit.

The Mississippi Tea Party is undoubtedly aware of McDaniel’s views. That’s why they support him. They share his views.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Is anyone truly surprised that the tea partiers of Mississippi are rallying behind the neo-confederate with connections to white supremacists?

    Anyone remember the days when the tea party was pretending to just be about government spending and taxes?

  • muselet

    As TPM previously reported, McDaniel had been slated to be the keynote speaker at a combined Firearm Freedom Day/ Tea Party Music Festival in Guntown, Mississippi. That event featured a vendor who sold Confederate memorabilia and founded the Council of White Patriot Voters and the Confederate Patriot Voters United, which the Southern Poverty Law Center listed as an active white nationalist group. Organizers said McDaniel had been the confirmed speaker since February.

    When TPM reached McDaniel campaign officials they denied that he was scheduled to speak and pushed the organizers to remove McDaniel’s name from posters advertising him as the keynote speaker.

    Chris McDaniel seems to have no compunction about palling around with racists, at least until someone asks him about it. Isn’t forthrightness like that what everyone looks for in a senatorial candidate?


    • captkurt

      Based on the name of the festival and its location, I thought you might be pulling our legs. But I was mistaken, Guntown, MS does in fact exist. I imagine the location was picked based on the town’s name. Though it’s a nice, and somewhat telling, detail that some claim that John Wilkes Booth is buried just outside the city limits (as noted in the Fact or Fiction tab on the site linked to below).


      • muselet

        I’m kind of flattered that you’d think I would expend the time and energy on such an elaborate satire. If I did, though, I wouldn’t drag Talking Points Memo into it. Even I respect some boundaries.


        • captkurt

          I need to keep the old adage ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ in mind more often. It is one of my favorites, but sometimes I forget how true it is.