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In other news, the Senate has voted to confirm Janet Yellen as next Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve by a margin of 56 to 26. Yellen will be the first woman to serve as the head of the Federal Reserve.

Rand Paul could be overheard muttering inane conspiracy theories as the vote concluded.

Not really but maybe.

Actually Rand Paul tweeted absolute nonsense about the Fed all day long. This one was my favorite.

According to Monetary Policy Scholar Rand Paul, it wasn’t the subprime mortgage industry and Wall Street that crashed the economy, it was the evil Fed.

  • Churchlady320

    Uh huh.

  • Robert Scalzi

    It hasn’t snowed in California since before Christmas and that melted in 2 days. Please, old man winter, please come back to the Sierra Nevadas – you are sorely missed .

    • Jone_of_Snark

      Word. In my 45+ years (all I’m willing to admit), I’ve never seen Tahoe so crispy in freakin’ January.

  • Mike_Norris

    I don’t want anyone to try and stop Rand Paul from talking and tweeting. The more he talks the stupider he sounds–if that’s at all possible. Fuckin’ idiot…

  • muselet

    “Non-stop printing press”? The Federal Reserve has not been expanding the money supply. Rand Paul’s goldbuggery has clearly confused the poor fellow.

    “Endless bailouts”? There were a few targeted bailouts, so few they could be counted on the fingers of one hand, and they ended. Rand Paul clearly wasn’t paying attention.

    “Devalued currency”? Compared to what? I took five minutes out of my busy evening and was frankly unsurprised to learn that the US dollar has mostly been trading at roughly the same level relative to the Euro since 2008 (when the world economy started to collapse, everything went wonky, including exchange rates). Again, Rand Paul’s unhealthy obsession with gold rears its head.

    I am equally unsurprised to learn that Rand Paul has not the slightest clue what he’s raving about.


    • mrbrink

      I’m pretty sure without the Fed we’d all be speaking Libertarian right now.

      • Lady Willpower

        Gold Standard, man. Gold Standard. Silly frog, you don’t even know the water’s hot!

        • mrbrink

          It’s impossible to take Rand Paul seriously when all I hear is international monetary policy as told by a leprechaun doing a bad Jerry Seinfeld impression of a John Stossel epiphany: What’s the deal with shillelagh handouts and everyone wanting me crock of gold?

          There’s no going back for me.

  • joseph2004

    What’s one thing liberals (and conservatives) generally agree on about the current markets (and those pre-2008)? That the fed created an easy-money juggernaut that pushed housing and stock market valuations into “irrational exuberance” bubble territory. And then pop went the weasel! Inflation is a real story even now if you take out fuel prices. Pumping the economy with new money devalues the currency. It drives up prices, which hurts low and middle income people the most.
    So what’s so crazy about Rand Paul’s views on money printing, crazy little Ashbaby (as if you care)?
    Nada zip.

    • muselet

      OMG! OMG! OMG! Hyperinflation! ZIMBABWE!

      Go away, joseph. Go far, far away.


    • trgahan

      Banking information designed for people who, you know, bank for a living, shows inflation has been negligible (including and excluding fuel prices, which vary widely ike any globally traded commodity) for about three years now.

      How much longer can people screech about something that is always happening (sorry, but inflation is part of capitalism, do you hate capitalism?!?) but at such a consistent negligible rate as to not worry those who actually make a living off debit, bonds, etc?

      • Lady Willpower

        Don’t expect logic or internal consistency from joseph2004. Just be glad he didn’t blather about “four dead Americans.”

    • mrbrink


      You should find whatever Zoltar machine turned you into an adult and demand your childhood back. There’s so much you’ve missed out on.

  • Badgerite

    Worshiping the “aqua Bhudda” makes more sense.