The Senate GOP’s Deathcare Bill is Here

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Senate Republicans have finally release the Obamacare repeal bill they've been working on in secret (the Orwellian “Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017") and it's worse than anyone predicted.

The Senate GOP bill actually cuts Medicaid deeper than the House Republican bill by cutting expansion and the base program,

The ACA’s Medicaid expansion would still be wind-down, as in the House bill, but in a more gradual process. The so-called transition phase would be longer under the Senate version, starting in 2021, with the federal match rate for the expansion population reducing overtime until 2024.

To appease conservatives wary of the longer period of expansion funding, the Senate bill introduces steeper cuts to the traditional Medicaid program. Like the House bill, the GOP Senate bill would transform the program from its current unlimited match rate into a system where states would be given a limited amount of money per enrollee in their program each year. The caps, starting in 2020, would rise at an inflation rate known as “consumer price index-medical” or CPI-M, which is slower than traditional Medicaid spending, meaning that over time the government spending on Medicaid would not keep with up with health care costs. However, starting in 2025, that inflation metric would switch to the consume pricer index-urban consumers — an even slower rate than the House bill, which stuck to CPI-M — meaning that the cuts would be further compounded in the long term.

Like the House bill, the Senate bill also repeals Obamacare's essential health benefits, meaning insurers would no longer be required to cover pregnancy or mental health or ambulance services, among many other things.

And speaking of pregnancy, here's a gobsmacking detail:

That's right, women who are pregnant will be banned from what remains of Medicaid expansion until the program is shut down entirely. The Senate GOP's bill also defunds Planned Parenthood.

There are many other terrible details we'll discuss going forward.

You can read the bill here:

  • Badgerite

    And all that this whopping tax cut for the already exceedingly rich and corporate America will do is fund the greater corporate investment trend toward automation.
    Which will not result in the return of those blue collar manufacturing jobs from the last century. As Josh Marshall notes at Talking Points Memo, that deal with Carrier in Indiana resulted in a commitment to save Union jobs at a cost of 7 million in tax subsidies.
    “More than 600 employees at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis are bracing for layoffs beginning next month, despite being told by ———-trump that nearly all the jobs at the plant had been saved……
    “The jobs are still leaving,” said Robert James, president of United Steelworkers Local 1999. “Nothing has stopped.”
    “As the article goes on to explain, the devil turned out to be in the details. Carrier did commit to retaining 1,069 employees at the Indiana plant for a decade. But those aren’t going to be manufacturing workers. Most of those are engineering and technical positions that were never slated to be laid off anyway. Meanwhile the money Carrier received in the deal is being invested in automation. So rather investing in new production and jobs, as trump promised, the money is going into automation which means replacing humans with jobs with machines.”
    Note to “Real Americans”- Those jobs are not coming back. Those jobs could have been replaced with a program of infrastructure improvements which is sorely needed in this country but that will not happen. That money is going to the exceedingly rich and the corporate America to fund automation.

  • fry1laurie

    My “beloved” senator, Rob Portman, says he doesn’t like parts of the bill, but will probably vote for it. Spine of a tube worm.
    The bill is pretty moderate considering. It puts grandma on the ice floe, but doesn’t actually shove her into the ocean.

  • Draxiar

    Anyone else think these monsters watch “The Handmaidens Tale” and see that as the way society should be?

    • ninjaf

      Let’s hope they don’t decide to merge “The Handmaid’s Tale” with “Black Mirror.”

  • muselet

    The Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017.

    I guess The Die, Motherfuckers, Die! Act of 2017 was too on-the-nose.


  • Badgerite

    Deep cuts to Medicaid. Reportedly worse than the House bill on that point.
    This bill will seriously undermine the health and safety of the American public.
    They also plan to make cuts to the Center for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health. Apparently their message really is…..”die faster”. Or……”No life for you.”

  • Badgerite
  • Random

    GOP logic:
    Fetuses? Gotta protect them at all costs. Life is a precious miracle, you know.
    The women carrying the fetuses? F*ck ’em, they’re on their own.

    • Badgerite

      Family values? I’d be happy if they could just point to some human values.

      • Adamwilber

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  • But there’s no War on Women! Not at all…..

    • ninjaf

      Yeah, it’s all in our head. Or is it in our uterus?

      • They WANT to be in our uterus but since they can’t they’ll control all the comings and goings. /pun intended